New York City : Bryant Park
April 2004

On my last day, I hit up two museums... The Museum of Arts and Design with an exhibition titled "Corporal Identity - Body Language" and the Museum of Sex. The first was interesting until my mobile phone went off and I turned all shades of red, but the latter, the sex museum, well, it reeked in the proper use of the word. Lacking content and craft in presentation, I was only slightly amused by the bookstore.

Afterward was a great moment though, finding a new notebook at the Coliseum bookstore and enjoying a quiet lunch ruminating over the trip that was soon to end.

I sat in the park across the street and stared at the freshly sodded lawn. I marveled how great it is to have met people that I likely never would have before keeping a journal online. And how this city is a sensory smorgasbord. The bookstores of this visit alone were overpowering — like the wall of candy at a dime store to me as a kid. The horizons of jackets and spines I wanted to scarf down. I caught myself wondering, scribbling on clean sheets of paper in a creative rush. I felt connected and longing.