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album The Album
Where I put daily photos. (But I usually update it in batches every few months)
album Haile Fellowship
I did something a little different in 2016.
Creative Mornings Cincinnati I spoke at Creative Mornings in Cincinnati, waaaay back when. It’s forty minutes long. Forty.
An interview An interview
An honor to talk with The Great Discontent
Creative Mornings Cincinnati The Setup
Describing the tools I use
Favorite photos Favorite photos from years past: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
ARRA An emblem for recovery
Something I am very proud of.
mouse trap How to catch a mouse...
without a mousetrap – (the most popular link on this site)
Fate to Fatal Fate to Fatal
Look Ma! My first album cover!
decoupage Decoupage
A fun project to rid your desk of junk.
soup Vegetable Soup
My mom’s recipe.
Quite easy and tasty.
shut the box Shut the Box
Rules for playing or making a dice game
videogames Favorite videogames
So not up to date list of fave console games.
roadtrip 2002 Roadtrip
I drove across the country a little, and took notes. A long time ago, when monitors were smaller.


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  Hi. My name is Chris Glass and this is a place where I put stuff. I finished a year as a Haile Fellow working on a project I call PhotoCorps. My work partner Tom manned the fort at Wire & Twine. In my spare time, I devise schemes to create more spare time.


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album Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride
UGH, that typopgrahy on the album art. But whatever. I listen with my ears.
album Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
album Decemberists - I’ll Be Your Girl
I really like where they went with this record. It breaks from their mold in just the right ways
album Vulfpeck - Hill Climber
I learned about this band because they have a typeface.
album Kesha - Rainbow
I think every track on this album and the thoughts behind them are fantastic.
album St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION
Another instance when the live show reframed the album. The Fear the Future Tour was truly remarkable visually, sonically and thematically.
album The Breeders - All Nerve
One of those rare records that wants to be listened to all the way through and gets better each time.
album Tame Impala - Currents
This feels like lots of other things from the past blended together and tweaked through dreamy filters, and I'm more than ok with that.
album Taylor Swift - Reputation
Once I saw the HBO film of her last concert I got on board. I can listen to Delicate over and over.
album Whenever I start to cook, I usually put on this mix called “Cocktails” – here it is on Spotify or Apple Music
album I have this tiny icon for singles so I suppose I should list a few...
Mashmello BastilleHappier
SuperorganismEverybody Wants to Be Famous

book See You in the Cosmos
Jack Cheng
This is young adult fiction which is right up my alley
book Things the Grandchildren Should Know
Mark Oliver Everett
Another new one on the pile. This one recommended from my friend Sam
book Theory of Fun for Game Design
book Kitchen
Banana Yoshimoto
This is excellent bedtime reading. It's comfortable like food. (Thanks to Joseph for the reccomendation)
book The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel
Garth Stein
I loved this book.


game Dead Cells
This is my current obession. Also Metroidy, but leans Castlevania witha touch of Gauntlet thrown in and so much more.
game Hollow Knight
This is my second current obsession. Very Metroidy, or as they call this type of side scrolling game, Metroidvania. I'm SUPER INTO IT.
game God of War 2018
Incredibly solid reboot (?) of the old PlayStation series. Could've been longer, but escalates and flows wonderfully.
game Super Mario Odyssey
I finished this and moved on, but it was a fun ride.
game Two Dots
After reading all the year end praise, I picked up a used copy and am preparing myself to get freaked out. (iOS)
game Limbo
I still haven't finished this game, but I keep coming back to it. (Multiplatform)