Hi. My name’s Chris Glass. This is a place where I journal with photos and store links (because I have a horrible memory).

Latest Links

A bearded dude in an orange hat

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is clapping back in support of their emblem on social media. Some chuckles in the replies / via Brand New


Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation emblem

Public Announcement

Brand consultancy and media company with a homepage chock full of links and some fine keyboard navigation throughout. Their website is part zine, art project, commentary and probably a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Fun!


Public Announcement written on a tennis ball

Borrow Trouble

New music video by Feist has some Michel Gondry vibes. Dig. / via Public Annoucement


Feist grab from music video

(Almost) every music video of Michel Gondry

I loved the 2003 Director Series DVD of Gondry’s work. This YouTube playlist adds in oodles of more recent music videos. Also recommended: The series Kidding with Jim Carrey (with 8 episodes directed by Gondry).


Meg White on drums. Still from The Hardest Button to Button music video

Simple Type Co.

Dan Cederholm launched a new site that brought together his fonts and goods. He keeps adding to it with updates, samples and enthusiasm.


Easy Coast font specimen sample

Maybe drone delivery will really be a thing

Actually, it already is. This video is a fine use of twenty minutes and as JP says, “makes me feel a bit more optimistic about the future.”


Zipline drone delivery thing

MonoLisa monospace font

Designed to ease staring at it for long stretches of time with bonus script (fancy italic) version / via Trevor Morris


MonoLisa monospace font sample

What Aegir made in 2022

So many lovely expressions of form, experiments, mediums, and results. (Including the food, which sometimes is the most I can make in a day.)


A wooden pineapple thing in front of geometric square pattern

Merlin’s Wisdom, cont.

“If you can't be a good example, at least try to become an interesting cautionary tale.” Merlin moves his wisdom but keeps adding to it. Re-linking as I’m writing a list to my future self (WIP).


A Github header for bits of wisdom that Merlin Mann has collected

My name’s Chris, this is Edie, and this is a place where I put stuff. In my spare time, I devise schemes to create more spare time. My goal with all this is to remember things, but also try and understand the patterns of life. (That’s the grand idea — it’s usually just kind of ordinary, and that’s okay too.)

A balding bearded man holding a slightly surprised cat