Hi. My name’s Chris Glass. This is a place where I journal with photos and store links (because I have a horrible memory).

Latest Links

Coloring the Past

Eli Erlick has colorized and restored photos from queer and trans history, collected with valuable context. / via Ben Werdmuller


Woman with cigarette

I wish my computer cursor was this lively

Figma has tight animations to show off new features. Dig. And yay for hanging punctuation among oodles of other improvements.


A panel for Bartlett Pears showing off new features for the design tool Figma

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Trying to answer the simple question of how much house can we afford is made difficult by awful search engines. Shawn Hickman made this spreadsheet for non-financial experts and it looks quite good and worth the price. His overview video provides insight.


Screenshot of a simple mortgage calculator spreadsheet

The Magical Musical Thing

David Hilowitz explores the 70’s toy electronic instrument from Mattel and speaks to the creator. We had one of these growing up and it was indeed a bit magical. / via Chuck Jordan


Magical Musical Thing

John Gruber on Wavelength

His post describes a new app for group chat, built on privacy and fortified with (deep breath) A.I. So good he’s on board and makes a compelling case as to why.


Wave icon

Luis Barragán

Was a Mexican architect and engineer. The places he designed celebrate form and color. This foundation catalogs his life and work. / via Richard Perez in a roundabout way


Luis Barragan architecture

Chris Ware shares his day and process

Oh this video is gooooood. “A book itself is sort of the perfect metaphor for a human being. It’s got a front and a back. It’s got a spine, and it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.”


Man drawing a comic

Top 100 3D vehicle renders of 4,280 submissions

Clinton Jones organizes and curates these render challenges and they’re really great. Now I’m going through older challenges thanks to a collection of links on MetaFilter.


Futuristic 3d render of a pimped out Mustang in a race

Classic Video Games Stamps Sheet

I could see this framed on the wall and that would be pleasing. (But then I see the stacks of things that are framed and not hung around the house.) / via Laughing Squid


Stamps with abstract representations of 42 videogames

My name’s Chris, this is Edie, and this is a place where I put stuff. In my spare time, I devise schemes to create more spare time. My goal with all this is to remember things, but also try and understand the patterns of life. (That’s the grand idea — it’s usually just kind of ordinary, and that’s okay too.)

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