Hi. My name’s Chris Glass and this is a place where I like to post daily photos (though always behind), links of interest, some favorite things and try to connect the dots.

Latest Links

Dave Rupert’s bookshelf

Tucking this sortable page of books read (or listened to) in my virtual folder of personal website inspiration. / via a secret RSS post in a roundabout way


Screencap of the bookshelf section of Dave Rupert's personal website

Jean Jullien Monograph

I'd display this book with the cover exposed. It's so delightful. And then there's the insides!


An orange book with cover with a minimal illustration of a face with a bright and curious expression

Bionic Reading

The most concise parts of words are set in bold which, in theory, guides the eye and increases comprehension. Intrigued to try this with longer text. / via @LukesBeard


A block of text where the first few letters of each word is set in a bold

2022 Brand New Conference

Mesmerized by the dynamic type. The introduction of variables to typography is opening up some many wonderful doors. But this? This is a Whole. 'Nother. Level. More details about the identity.


expressive parts of letters set in red on a bright teal background

The final dance in Dirty Dancing

...but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune. / thanks for the bright spot Doug


A woman in a white tulle dress is lifted above a male dancer with her arms outstretched

Whimbrel Stamp Alphabet (and font)

Alex Tomlinson developed a font based on a 1940's Bird Lore magazine and a set of stamps to boot.


A bird for each letter of the alphabet illustrated on different stamps

Yann Kebbi Sketches a Mike Mills Movie

For his film C'mon C'mon, Mills engaged French artist Yann Kebbi to roam freely around the sets and draw whatever he wanted. I need to see this movie and these drawings are lovely. / via Alan Jacobs


A loose colorful sketch of people dancing through Los Angeles

Hiroshima EP

Simon Collison created something that's hard to encapsulate. In one breath, it's an EP of atmospheric music, but as you dig deeper you find it's a diary, a love letter and a reflection, a different way to experience a place.


An audio cassette with a photo of a Japanese train titled "Hiroshima"

Landscaping to save water (and time)

Very much want to learn about native, environmentally friendly and low maintenance landscaping. Like this, but for Ohio!


A natural looking landscaped backyard

My name is Chris and this is Edie.

This is a digital garden where I collect and recollect. My goal is to try and understand the patterns of life and devise schemes to make it better. I’m glad you’re here.

A balding bearded man holding a slightly surprised cat