Hi. My name’s Chris Glass and this is a place where I post photos, some links of interest, a few favorite things and try to connect the dots.

Latest Links

Adobe adds photogrammetry tools

Turn still photos (from phone or camera) into 3D models with automatic subject masking and texture mapping. (Wikipedia on Photogrammetry)


3D photo setup

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Titles

These end credits are so delightful, I watched them every time. It's neat to read this discussion with the folks behind them and their process. Bonus portrait of Prince by Kagan McLeod.


Illustration of She Hulk

The 2023 Type Trends Report by Monotype

There are waves of vibe that crash into our visual shores through type. Monotype always collects keen perspectives for a surf report. / via Brand New


Type Trends Report 2023

The Creative Act: A Way of Being

I invariably love or really appreciate most things Rick Rubin has produced. Reading his insights on creativity and life sounds like something good for the soul. Will report back. (Sidenote: Did you know Uncrate has a store. Look at this pencil sharpener!)


Rick Rubin book "The Creative Act: A Way of Being"

Methodology meals

Fully cooked, portion controlled and healthy. Dag I wish we had this sort of thing in Cincinnati. (SF & SoCal only at this point.)


Food in jars

Cat flyer for kindness

Brad Montague made a flyer with a cat. It’s invitation to step out and do something for someone else (and available to download and print).


HELP! Cat poster with tabs to pull off with things you can do to brighten someone's day


Limited edition prints by artists from around the world. A favorite design element is when you click into a detail view and the page pulls colors from the artwork. / via Fonts in Use


Haystack print by Dion Johnson

Correct the Internet

Due to human bias, search engines have learnt to prioritize sportsmen in search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first. This site was created to inspire change.


Correct the Internet

AI-generated code helps learning and experimentation

Outside of image generation and prose, it's interesting to understand a coding workflow. Matt Webb has thoughts and shares some insight and throws some bonus footnotes about language models. I particularly like this application angle to “parse intent instead of nouns”


AI-generated code helps me learn and makes experimenting faster

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This is a digital garden where I collect and recollect. My goal is to try and understand the patterns of life and devise schemes to make it better. (That’s the grand idea—it’s usually just kind of ordinary, and that’s okay too.)

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