Hi. My name’s Chris Glass and this is a place where I post daily photos, some links of interest, a few favorite things and try to connect the dots.

Latest Links

NPR’s Books We Love 2022

So pretty indeed. Love the cumulative sort feature to boot. / via Ben Werdmuller


Book covers from 2022

Design System Advent Calendar

I trust whatever insight Dan Mall shares about Design Systems will be actionable and extremely valuable. (I also dig this format as it seems like it won’t be overwhelming!)


Design System Advent Calendar with sample emails mocked up in a mobile phone

Kazam Magazine

Speaking the Eames Institute, they have a (virtual) magazine to share stories about people, projects, and ideas that are shaping a better tomorrow. I kinda wish it was a real magazine, had an RSS feed or both!


Hands screen print an abstract print with orange and blue rectangles

Jim Stoten’s sketchbook

Jim once thought about his sketchbook as an enjoyable way to waste time. I’m glad the Eames Institute sponsored this video which was an enjoyable way to get inspired. More goodness on Jim’s website.


Photo illustration of Jim Stoten with drawings of horses and fruits and abstract shapes


A fantastic growing directory of personal blogs organized by Phil Gyford. / as seen all over the feeds


Categories of blogs

Why Japan’s internet looks very different

This video by Sabrina Cruz is dense and mind-blowing from multiple angles. (I've been working on Japanese websites of late.) As Andy Baio notes, the addendum is well worth a visit.


Cloud of website designs organized by style

The work of Dan Zucco

Read this article about delight in product design and enjoyed the illustrations by Dan Zucco. He’s got a class on Domestika that looks quite good.


3D geometric shapes form a colorful pattern

Why keep blogging?

The sentiments here apply to so many different practices. Austin’s thoughts from 2 years ago hold up well. Nice to revisit, thanks to Michael Rill


A stack of journals next to a typewriter

Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient sculptures

Went down a rabbit hole watching and listening to this. / via Drew Daniel


Metal rods that vibrate and makes sounds

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