Hi. My name’s Chris Glass. This is a place where I journal with photos and store links (because I have a horrible memory).

Some Good Places to Start

Digital watch that says NOW instead of a clock face


Answering the question, “What are you up to these days?”

A smiling woman with an umbrella

The Chapters of Your Life

This started as a brief presentation about intent and photography that my good friend Erik turned into a short film as a birthday surprise during the pandemic.

Creative Mornings Cincinnati logo

Creative Mornings Talk

This video from 2013 is long, but lays out who I am and why I think design is awesome. I was nervous as heck through the whole thing.

Balding bearded man looks down and reflects

Treat Yourself Like a Client

Sequel of sorts to my Creative Mornings talk where I discuss how I made a plan to improve quality of life. From the 2016 Layers Conference.

A grid of movie, album and video game covers

A few favorite things

Books, movies, video games, music and random other things all mixed together in a visual, sortable grid.

Man with blue tongue

Cast of characters

During lockdown I wrote short essays about folks I missed and linked up relevant posts — an attempt to connect the dots.

A circle of leaves in green, red, orange and yellow

Great Discontent Interview

An old conversation that fills in the blanks of my career and whatnot in an interview format. My tip of the hat to Ryan and Tina for the moment.

grid view of image thumbnails


Been using this category thing to get around the photo journal. Adding here for easy access.

An original iMac with a screenshot of a personal

My old website

I refuse to throw anything away (digitally at least). Here’s my old site cobbled together with spacer gifs and tables.

Recent Links

Web Roulette

Swipe through favorite websites or shake for random fun. This looks like an extra fun way to browser the web. / via Daring Fireball


Rachel Spellings swatch book paintings

These tiny paintings are delightful.


Invisible Things

Andy J Pizza & Sophie Miller have a book coming out that puts visuals and words to some of the invisible things that make up the human experience. At first blush, it’s a kids book, but there’s a kid in most of us. (Unfortunately, some are still bullies, but whatever!)


Arc Boost

Arc just leapfrogged every browser with Boost, a way to customize how websites look and ”zap” features you don't like.


Make an annoying RoboCall in order to get rid of annoying RoboCalls

MSCHF exploits a dumb government loophole that allows for robocalls as long as a human initiates them. Now you can help raise money and awareness to lobby against them by firing up a ton of spam calls.


Busy Beaver Button Museum

I’ve had oodles of buttons produced by Busy Beaver (they do fantastic work). I didn't realize they’ve also made a book and started a button museum. Fun. / via Grace


David Friedman gets no mail and you can too

Another lovely Ironic Sans newsletter filled with a bevy of steps to remove yourself from all those annoying piece of mail no one wants. I've spent the last 15 minutes or so going through the list and opting out all over!


97X Modern Rock 500

Streaming now! 500 indie songs with original DJs from 97X. Been enjoying it all morning and will dip my toes in the looping broadcast throughout the week.


Ghost Golf Belts

I don't golf, but I love the notch-less belt I got here. I count it among my better investments in life. (Got the “Bubba” but they have oodles of variants.)


My name’s Chris, this is Edie, and this is a place where I put stuff. In my spare time, I devise schemes to create more spare time. My goal with all this is to remember things, but also try and understand the patterns of life.

(That’s the grand idea — it’s usually just kind of ordinary, and that’s okay too.)

A balding bearded man holding a slightly surprised cat