Hi. My name’s Chris Glass and this is a place where I post daily photos, some links of interest, a few favorite things and try to connect the dots.

Latest Links

Siegfried & Joy

I laughed, out loud... and then watched this video more times than I wanted to count. Their 'gram is chock full of more laughs. / thanks Ben


Two magicians in fabulous fake tiger fur coats and sunglasses hold up a gold piece of fabric for a magic trick


I have the sudden urge to modify an old iPod with an SD card.


hand holding a modified iPod with clear case

Meet the Artist: Noah Kalina

I've long admired Noah's work (and newsletter) but never listened to his podcast. (I'm visual, not auditory.) But it was nice to see/hear him talk about photography in this Samsung Frame thingy.


a man holds a camera in the woods

Teenage Engineering Record Factory

Compact and portable record cutter that allows you to create your own 5” vinyl records and playback in lo-fi sound. WHOA + NEATO! / via Tom


A record cutting machine brightly colored with orange and white plastic

Scenes From Imagined Films

Jordan Bolton wrote a screenplay but couldn't get the resources to produce it. Now he makes comics with grounded emotion. Oodles more on his Instagram.


A four panel comic showing a rose come to bloom with text that reads "The more I look for beauty. The more I find it. The more I share it. The more it grows."

The angle and rotation speed of the planets

Someone remixed Dr James O'Donoghue's animation with faces. This makes science concepts easy to grok.


Animations of the planets speed and angle of rotation with cartoon faces drawn on each planet


Change lighting of photos with AI. It's free, so there's all that comes with that. But it's also pretty dang good.


A man holds his cat and three colored dots indicate changing the lighting

Record grooves

Had I never seen these before? I have no idea, but they're neato.


Microscopic view of a record player needle in the grooves of a vinyl record. The grooves look a bit like a canyon.

Small Seasons

A more fine-grained way of thinking about the year in two week sekki. We're at “Drops of dew on grass” at the moment. More insight from Ross Zurowski / via Rachel


Dew drops on grass in the morning

My name is Chris and this is Edie.

This is a digital garden where I collect and recollect. My goal is to try and understand the patterns of life and devise schemes to make it better. I’m glad you’re here.

A balding bearded man holding a slightly surprised cat