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Latest Links

Documentary about how The Traveling Wilburys formed

Even all low-res it was lovely to see how this album came to be and friendships preserved.

The Traveling Wilbur's band logo

The Problem With NFTs

I've seen half of this (two hour!) video but agree with Michael here that it's worth watching to get a better understanding of this emerging (and divisive) technology.

Title card for a Youtube video featuring two NFT characters on a brick wall with the title "Line Goes Up"

Photographer Steve Schapiro

A collection of links to celebrate the acclaimed photojournalist on his passing. A trove of wonderful paths to wander with incredible images and insight.

A black and white photo of a man with several film cameras running excitedly


New type design practice and foundry from Erik Marinovich. Just cruise around the specimens pages to get a solid dose of vibrant type goodness.

A graphic design layout showcasing fonts by NuForm

Find your own rainbow

An enlightening Twitter thread about how Bill Grundfest cultivated comedians in Greenwich Village / via SwissMiss

A rainbow in front of a mountain

How to make your home smell like a Williams Sonoma store

Sometimes I have extra rosemary when cooking. Going to try this sometime! /via smartpeopleiknow

A pot filled with water, lemon, rosemary and peppercorns

A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff

Lots of links to this piece by Paul Ford for good reason: the payoff at the end is inspiring when we consider experiences we hope to achieve when buying stuff.

A illustration of a man shopping for electronic devices

Big Bug

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie!) has a new sci-fi movie coming out in February on Netflix. It looks colorful and fun.

A robot vacuums a floor in a colorful set of a home

Bauhaus Typography at 100

Lots of safety protocols in place at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco for this exhibit that runs through April 27, 2022. File under: Wish I was closer!

A museum with typography from Bauhaus on display

My name is Chris and this is Edie.

This is a digital garden where I collect and recollect. My goal is to try and understand the patterns of life and devise schemes to make it better. I’m glad you’re here.

A balding bearded man holding a slightly surprised cat