Tucker Carlson is vaccinated

Not sure where words like cheugy will land in the long haul of language. Apparently the slang for basic arrived in 2013 and has yet to land in a real dictionary — but what is real anymore, anyway? The silly term is here today and I honored it with a trip to Michaels with a few adjustments in post.

Home is where my Cheugy grows
Life is stupid & hard
Bless Joe Rogan
United we stan.

Celebrating 3, and other milestones

So… Today was a big day with some reintegration to society, fully vaccinated.

It started with an impromptu lunch on the patio of the Gruff with Joe and Mike. On approach I had a bit of fight or flight response behind my mask, but by the time the table was cleared frets had largely abated.

Then it was off to an outside gathering to celebrate the third loop around the sun for a young girl. And though it wasn’t the warmest day for swimming, it was an excellent time to put a toe in the water of social events.

A birthday cake with icing flowers surrounded by pink balloons
The birthday cake
An inflatable cat mermaid float in a pool
A cat mermaid
Water balloons
White Claw and a cheugy pillow.
Riding a bike for the first time
First time riding a proper bike
A young girl has a rainbow lollipop and a curious glance

Village General Farms Bouquet

One of the things I’ve missed greatly over the year has been picking out flowers while shopping. It wasn’t even an option for curbside until recently. ⁣ So months ago I pre-ordered spring bouquets from Village General Farms to scratch the itch. ⁣

Picked up the first batch on their porch this afternoon. ⁣ I’m putting them on my desk as their vibes are smile inducing, right after I snap a few photos on some poster board.

A pink flower in a bouquet
Detail of a bouquet of flowers
A bouquet of flowers on a pink backdrop

The Columns

Took a tour of The Columns, a new event space soon to open right in the heart of Findlay Market. Here are a few snapshots from the patio, but I hope to pop back down soon as all the finishing touches are in place.

A view of city buildings and a solar roof
A view of Findlay Market from The Columns patio
A geometric open roof revealing a blue sky with clouds
Blue skies and some nice architectural lines


I need a tag to classify the weekly sessions with Emily we’ve been carving out. I am calling them sessions with no modifier as we haven’t stuck to a script. Each week we show up with ever changing objectives that tug at exploration, expression, notion and play with loose context of making something greater than the sum of the parts.

Often we’ll leave each week with a couple things to chew on. Today we tackled the question: “What does your ideal day look like?” Sounds easy, but not if you like to overthink!

I realized my days need variance. I’m all for frameworks (like showering to become human and having some quiet time with coffee to ramp up…) but a strict regimen of daily activities was daunting.

We decided to modify the prompt and zoom out to think about the ideal week, then the ideal life.

Two fun asides from our time:

  1. Writing a phrase with a friend in mind and folding it into a lotus flower to share.
  2. Exploring a tool that creates patterns out of photos.

A repeating pattern of an origami lotus flower

Avocado toast and then some

There are certain things in life that elevate and attach to the senses: music, visuals, scents and tastes that reinforce synapses and hold a tighter corner of the mind…

I had heard raves again and again about the avocado toast at Mom ‘n ‘Em. I know this menu item is a punchline to many a joke, but hear me out. They have perfected a combination of garlic, sesame seed, cilantro at this Camp Washington coffee shop to sear into memory.

So much that I had this very menu item yesterday and raved about it to Casey so much we came back this morning to celebrate his totes-vaxxed-ness.

Highly recommend, that is, if you like avocado toast — or maybe even if you’re a skeptic.

While we sipped on our (also excellent) coffee waiting for the order, we watched folks drive by with loud stereos while the sun shone through the newly sprouted leaves of a Japanese Maple.

A Japanese Maple lit from the sun, photographed below the leaves
Japanese Maple with sunlight

From there we drove up to Staples and got supplies to print off passport photos because I have failed 5 times getting self-produced photos printed at drugstores around the area. (They kept scaling them and the rules for passport photos are very specific.)

Unrelated to picking up ink and paper, they had a setup with fake videoconferencing at the store. I think they did a really good job with expressions:

A fake videoconferenceing screen at a display of desk at an office supply store
Fake videoconferencing set-up at Staples


My nephews stopped by with some new bags of seed bombs. I am excited to find out what these will grow into.

Hollywood Video

Driving around trying to figure out if there were any good food options after a trip to the post office. Found this old Hollywood Video in North College Hill and thought it was rare to see so much of the signage intact. As did this YouTuber.

Unrelated to this moment, Earlier this day I was reading a post on Fonts In Use about Half Moon Run’s album art, which turned into watching a video, digging it and then reading up on the designer Alex Tomlinson and enjoying all his work.

Hollywood video abandoned with video return box

The Candy Drawer

My dad’s mom, Me-Maw Glass, was the hub of the family. We’d go to her house after church and on weekends to eat and fraternize. There was a playground within a block when the weather was nice, and there was almost always some card games happening in the kitchen — mostly Canasta and Euchre.

Her home was small, the front room led through her bedroom to the kitchen. There were no doors for privacy. And the top drawer of her bedroom dresser was filled with candy. We were allowed one piece per visit.

I try to keep a drawer of snacks on hand, but lately it’s starting to resemble the one my Grandmother kept. And this is why I’m fat.