Phases of dressing

When I was a kid and forced to eat salad I complained unless it was slathered in Thousand Island dressing — no other option was acceptable.

Then there was the ranch phase that started in middle school or so — this lasted a really, really long time.

I dabbled in French for a short while.

Then got into balsamics through my forties.

Now I’ll try anything.

Garlic Expressions entered the scene recently and now I buy it in bulk at Costco and fill in the gaps at Kroger. It’s a simple vinaigrette with garlic chonks and it is perfect (after a vigorous shake).

Today I learned the company makes just this single product and they’re based in Perrysburg, Ohio. If I was a betting person, I’d invest in them.

A salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and chunks of garlic
The big garlic chonks live in the bottle of the bottle for a delightful finish


The kitchen sink cabinet door has water damage along the top edge — not from a leak, just from being less than careful and being constructed of materials that don’t handle water very well.

It’s been on the todo list since we moved in and my great idea was to use clear fingernail polish to stem the issue.

While looking for that I paused to admire the Goody colors and branding before getting overwhelmed in the fingernail polish section.

Unrelated, James Blake has ventured in new directions with his music. I’m just discovering the remixes from his 2023 album Playing Robots Into Heaven and it’s all so good and so very different from his previous work.

I need a new hobby

One that doesn’t involve screens. So I’m going to try embroidery.

I’ve always loved seeing embroidered pieces — from this family Christmas heirloom and recently the work of Jen Shuetz and Nengiren. It’s all so graphic and kinesthetic tactile!

I hope to report back with better knowledge of straight, back, satin and fishbone stitches, along with lazy daisies and French knots.

First fish fry of the season, plus snow!

It’s officially fish fry season and outside of the hundreds of churches plating up fried fish, a bunch of local restaurants are also adding it to their Friday menus.

Kathryn made the plan to hit up The Pony in OTR and we arrived as snow was falling outside. The fish was great and the wedge salads not pictured were awesome.

We wandered afterward to enjoy the snow in the city and hightailed it to our respective homes as the sidewalks were getting pretty slick.

Fried fish and fries

Hat tip to Greg for today’s soundtrack.

I’ll smile about this later

Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both Is dental.

Ogden Nash

Returned to the dentist for their game plan to correct a failed root canal, disintegrating fillings and caps and a crooked tooth that’s plagued me since childhood. I was prepared for the worst along with a large price estimate. I had no real expectations but it’s not an insignificant chunk of change. In fact, it’s a lot.

Admission: I had the Apple Vision Pro in my trunk as the Apple Store is near the dentist. After seeing the estimate, that sealed the deal to return it. (Which then turned into a comic session where I had to put on the headset to deactivate and erase content in the parking lot.)

I’m going to miss it, but it’s for the best.


Cleaning to sleep

Today revolved around a computer and lengthy rendering times where I could break away and do something else while the machine processed animations in After Effects. Sure, I could’ve opened a new tab to surf or do other work, but I see these as disruptions of computing resources to the task at hand and a great excuse to get up.

So I cleaned in concentrated chunks throughout the day — we’re talking sheets, bathroom rugs, toilets, vacuuming under the couch cushions — DEEP CLEANING. And once I delivered a rendered video I put on records to avoid screens and keep the spree going.

Side note: I’d slept poorly the previous nights and this a ploy to inspire a restful evening.

The scheme worked and I slept soundly.

Reba McEntire, centaur

Above? A plant in the nice light of morning. Below? An image of Reba McEntire from the Super Bowl as a centaur. (I had to look it up, I thought she was a minotaur.)

I’ve exhausted my search capabilities and can’t attribute the source but shall continue to look. It’s this type of real-time data I would expect Google of yore to provide — but we are beyond yore and existing in the in-between.

Regardless, I shall keep looking for the author and appreciate this image. I hope that Reba enjoys it too because it’s awesome. And so is Reba.

Unrelated, if you haven’t heard Girl in Red, check out today’s soundtrack. The video on Youtube pairs well!

Reba McIntire, centaur of Superbowl

Super Bowl LVIII

Watched a football game for the commercials, halftime show and glimpses of Taylor Swift and the telecast did not disappoint!

The commercials, halftime show and famous folks turned out to be the least interesting parts as the game got increasingly good.

I was low key rooting for the 49ers but happy when it ended — It’s hard to extend enthusiasm through overtime when you’ve no skin in the game.

During all of this I was making chili and took a photo of an OXO Ground Meat Chopper I got for my birthday, but it’s not pretty and I would fathom the image would look like chumbox advertising… You know those ads on every site that show pimple popping, cars that don’t exist and all sorts of unsavory images? Not pleasing.

A blurry photo of a television is better.

Looking for a rug

I was reading a thread of photographers asking how to stay motivated when it’s dreary outside. My solution is to capture things of negligible interest, like this Jaguar S-Type that was produced sometime between 1999–2007.

It was parked outside the store that sells stuff to put in and around one’s house, like mirrors of various sizes and shapes, American flags made of wood, or signs to hang up by the toilet that say “hello sweet cheeks.”

I was looking for a rug and left dismayed.

Earlier a canvasser knocked on our door and I apologized for my outfit while sharing voting priorities. They kept their distance and after seeing myself in the mirror shortly afterward, I understand why — but it was a Saturday morning and I did apologize for my mixed prints at the outset, so I feel like I did my duty.

A tiny bit of Cleveland

We had to skip out and drive back to Cincinnati and squeeze in some work, but we spent a few hours to explore a few bits of Cleveland this morning. I’ve only been here briefly for a conference in 2011, but I liked cut of this city’s jib then and still do now. Being on the lake makes the place literally and figuratively and cooler.

I’d like to spend a good chunk of time here to explore the different locales properly.

First stop was the Cleveland Arcade (above), built in 1890 it is essentially one of the first indoor shopping malls. Thankfully protected as a National Historic Landmark, it’s now under the purview of Hyatt. Hopefully they can bring some life to the space — it’s struggling, like all malls.

Next up we popped into the Heinen’s grocery downtown in a classic Cleveland Trust building, with the rotunda fully and gloriously restored. (360° view)

Headed from downtown past the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over to Edgewater Park which was a short drive away.

Madonna, The Celebration Tour

Madonna’s last decade or so has been a little strange. She does and says kooky things and her music output is wanting — but she pulled off one heck of a greatest hits tour.

I’ve always wanted to see her in concert — total bucket list show, whacky things aside. The closest she’d perform for this Celebration Tour was up in Cleveland so I picked up tickets last January as a gift to go with my brother.

Right before the tour was to begin last June she was rushed to a hospital after a scary episode that turned out to be a serious bacterial infection.

She rebounded (thank goodness!) and rescheduled.

And what a show it was. She sounded great (on the songs she sang, favoring pre-recorded tracks for a few dance heavy numbers), looked fantastic and the setlist was a solid retrospective of her career.

Divided in seven acts, each had unique staging with a mix of physical set pieces, projection screens and lots of choreography.

Silly bits were kept to a minimum, and aside from the late start and bass heavy mix, it was a delightful affair!