No matter

No matter how much it hurts you have to keep going.

Mural by Floyd Johnson, OATW

I had been trying to track down this mural after having seen glimpses online.

Was thrilled to finally spot it on the side of AGAR’s headquarters in Cincinnati.

A bag of chips

This is an unremarkable bag of potato chips.

They are of the salt and vinegar variety.

I’ve been reading The Tao of Pooh, which is an introduction to Taoism.

It kicks off giving some context and vinegar is involved…

From Wikipedia:

The Vinegar Tasters is a traditional subject in Chinese painting, and later spread to other East Asian countries. The allegorical composition depicts the three founders of China’s major religious and philosophical traditions: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The theme in the painting has been interpreted as the three men tastes vinegar to reveal their perception on life.

One man reacts with a sour expression, one reacts with a bitter expression, and one reacts with a sweet expression.

The three men are Confucius, Buddha, and Laozi, respectively.

Each man’s expression represents the predominant attitude of his philosophy: Confucianism saw life as sour, in need of rules to correct the degeneration of people; Buddhism saw life as bitter, dominated by pain and suffering due to attaching possessions and material desires; and Taoism saw life as sweet due to being fundamentally perfect in its natural state. Another interpretation of the painting is that, since the three men are gathered around one vat of vinegar, the “three teachings” are one.

I don’t know about all of that, but the chips were pretty good!

An ink drawing of men tasting vinegar
The Three Vinegar Tasters – Kano Isen’in

Cleaning goop

After every three images on Instagram there is some compelling motion that takes place.

An effortless meal prep.

The tug of an elastic shirt or pant that snaps back into comfortable shape.

Some sort of keto junk food.

Automated plant watering pots.

Home decor that can be decorated with your pet’s likeness.

A modern sideboard.

Easy to install wall panels.

Something something skincare.

Did I mention keto?

Anyway, I saw this cleaning gel at some point and put it on my birthday / Christmas wishlist and lo and behold, Chris and Richard picked some up for me. (Thanks guys!) The stuff actually works.

Skyward Sword

Nintendo re-released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Switch console and I figured it had been 10 years since I played it on the Wii, it could be fun once more.

And it is, with slightly improved visuals that still suffer from weird motion controls—just not as weird. (I would switch between the pro controller for moving around and use the separate joy cons for fighting.)

Mostly I was just curious about how the story arc might blend into future games. Rumors suggest the next Zelda will venture back into the skies.

The thing I was most surprised with Skyward Sword is how much it laid the groundwork for Breath of the Wild—easily my favorite game in the series that handily fixed motion controls and expanded game play to be a truly non-linear open world.

Nintendo knows how to iterate.

Revisiting old haunts

With the building in Northside for sale, it’s prudent have a plan and look for a next place to live. Rent? Buy? The latter seems logical at this stage, but the concept is paralyzing and the market is one million percent bonkers.

Whenever in doubt, I apply rigueur, like in 2007 when I needed to get a car. I made a table with requirements, research, pros and cons.

Finding a house is so much more complex. The variables shoot in every direction: Location, style, neighborhood, vibe… And I’m already seeing priorities shift. Is it “move in ready”? And then there’s the stock… There’s simply not that much out there.

The search has wandered all over the city. Today we found ourselves on the east side—driving by places where I used to work, and neighborhoods where family lived.

All said and done, it is the beginning of a conversation—and goodness it can be all encompassing.

A large ranch house under construction
Future 2021 Homearama home, way out of the price range.
A sign against Critical Race Theory on a mailbox
Imagine living next to these folks.
Chcken tenders and french fries with dipping sauce
Citybird tenders

Sitting in a parked car, eating chicken tenders, pondering one of the biggest purchases of one’s life.

Dragon noodles

Kathryn is all about meal prep and this dish is a repeat favorite: Dragon Noodles.

I didn’t get on the ramen bus through school, and I’ve avoided them in general because of the sodium content. With this recipe? You throw out that packet of salt and MSG and just use the noodles along with a few other ingredients.

Super easy dish.

Comforting and easily modifiable.

Ramen noodles uncooked, up close