Hoping the cold won’t mess with the plants

Been editing video of late and I’m so not geared for such a workflow — source footage is in 4K and demands oodles of memory. I’m downloading tools to find caches to purge and discover other culprits hogging drive space.

Copying files can take over an hour. Rendering allows enough time for a nap. And this is all technical — the real challenge is to piece things together into a cohesive story.

I admire whatever efficiencies and magic happen inside video production houses.

Between renders I went out for the mail and enjoyed a brief sliver of sunlight before the gray returned.

We’re entering a cold spell and a lot of plants have already started to blossom for spring. 🤞

Hat tip to Yewknee for today’s music

Another Charley Harper piece I didn’t know about

Back when I turned 48, the Duvalls gave me a Harper print of the Blenko Glass Factory that I never knew existed, combining two favorite things. Mom would have flipped her lid over it — she passed a love of Harper and Blenko down several generations.

Fast forward to my 51st and Heather surprised me with this cat that looks much like Edie (and any domestic shorthair) — another Charley Harper piece that is new to me!

It won’t live next to that light switch, I just hung it on an existing screw until I can find a proper place.

In other news, the grocery store is moving a bunch of stuff around and I forgot it was International Potato Chip Day.

Even more taxing

Taxes have been sent over wires and receipts issued. I made the entire process incredibly difficult by forming a company the last quarter of 2022. (In hindsight, such things should happen at the start of a new year.)

This year I’m going to stay on top of things and spend a day at the beginning of each month to sort expenses, reimbursements and whatnot.

March 14th is International Potato Chip Day

Casey showed me the Jungle Jim’s circular and pointed to the potato chip holiday coming up. I already celebrate the potato chip more than I should, but it was fun to peruse all the items on sale. Recently we’ve been getting coupons and flyers like these wrapped up in a bag on the lawn. If they’d throw some funny papers in there I’d rush out to grab it.

Watched the Oscars® this evening. Was pleased to see Everything Everywhere All At Once win so many awards, if only to inspire production of more movies that fall outside the usual.

Not a Blazer

What I thought was simply a cool truck turned into a fun virtual stroll to piece details of the photo together…

That’s not a Chevy Blazer but a solid example of badge engineering by General Motors. This GMC Jimmy is parked in front of the The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum that once had a life as a public library and VFW. Now it’s a community center with the fine pedigree of being designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons.

Popped down to this neck of the woods to grab lunch at Daylily Bodega.

Four enthusiastic thumbs up for their chopped cheese (snapshot) which was so hearty a side of soup wasn’t necessary.

Additional bonuses included the large patio seating out back, a great mini-market and take-and-bake enchiladas that served as dinner later in the week.

(Tip of the hat to Jan-Paul Koudstaal for today’s jam.)

From the Cell Phone Lot

Casey arrived safely from his Florida trip. Snapped this while waiting in the new-ish cell phone lot. They tore down the original airport terminal and replaced it with a glowing rental car and ground transportation center.

All the roads into the airport wind differently now.

Edie resting will have to suffice

The spare bedroom slash home office is in shambles. There’s stuff all over the bed. I don’t have the heart to stuff the Muppets in the closet, but they also don’t have a home for display. Everything is bonkers because work continues at intense levels and I’m just trying to exist and keep the puck moving forward.

I did get a break in the afternoon when Kyle popped up to grab a laptop after his MacBook Pro from 2016 with the dumb touchbar bit the dust.

We crammed in a dense chat about technology, AI, music and travel and then he was back on the road — an invigorating tangent that inspired a second wind of productivity that rolled into the evening.

I only wished I snapped a picture from our brief hang time. Alas, Edie resting will have to suffice.

Oops I got out of the house

Thought I had a followup appointment for tax prep, turns out it was an error in the system. But it was sunny and I got out of the house so I’m filing this under win. Plus also? Got a fine walk in the sun and an excellent sandwich from Morsel & Nosh which I ate next to the budding trees in Spring Grove.

I swear there is a secret sauce not listed as an ingredient for Morsel & Nosh’s Moline Club

Unmanned cleaning machine

Went to Walmart to see if I could find a video game but that section was dusty so I just got some water.

In my trip around the store I crossed paths with this automated floor cleaning machine a few times.

The Home & Garden Show

Richard and Chris had extra tickets to the Home & Garden Show and I’d never been, to my knowledge.

I once was told it’s good adding ”to my knowledge” after most statements of fact, especially if you’re in a courtroom. Since memory is blurry (hence this photo journal), I like to pepper the addendum freely!

Anyway. The show was kind of whatever, with as many booths for CBD oils as there were for gutter guards, windows, garage floors and mega massage chairs that encapsulated people in cocoons of upholstery.

There were also aisles for shelf stable foodstuffs and bric-a-brac—like the print of ‘Cincinnati greats enjoying Skyline Chili’ above.

Highlights included the outdoor shed buildings and wandering the aisles with friends.

Afterward, we crossed the river for dinner at The Standard and braved dipping temps on the patio that used to house gas pumps. Cocktail menu leaned sweet, food was solid, will happily return.

A service station converted to a restaurant with outdoor dining where the gas pumps used to be
The Standard, Covington