Cincinnati Pride 2022

Today I marched in a pride parade for the first time. I love watching them from the sidelines but this was an elevated experience.

We didn’t even have candy or popsicles or a float but the energy from the crowds along the way was super invigorating.

I mean, we did have three girls in our group doing cartwheels and that amped up the cheers quite a bit.

I thankfully brought mom’s rainbow umbrella and srsly think it saved my life.

By the time we got to the densest crowds at Fountain Square I thought I might pass out. (Thanks TikTok for all the breathing exercises to work through panic!)

In hindsight, next time there will be a wagon with a cooler and water involved, and I will train in advance, walking in the heat of the day to get sturdy.

Because at the end? It was invigorating to be around such a large, enthusiastic and wildly diverse crowd of folks to celebrate a moment in the shadow of so much utter nonsense.

Two bearded men with sunglasses and a rainbow umbrella
Casey and me
Pride parade watchers on a sidewalk
The kids are a’ight
A group of folks in colorful garb hold up signs in favor of women's freedom for medical care and choice
A girl does a cartwheel in a parade
A person has rainbow striped socks and tattoos that read "strong" on the left calf and "proud" on the right
strong & proud
Two brothers take a selfie under a rainbow umbrella
Caught my brother as we were leaving the festival!

A year in a day

I usually start the morning reflecting on the previous day, but since I posted about the Hostess aisle I’m ahead of the game!

Figure this is a good moment to zoom out and reflect on the broader set of days.

Kay updated archives of the theme here, making it possible to view months and years by thumbnails. I’d always wanted the ability to zoom out and see what patterns emerge and it’s neat to see it in place and automated. (Still not sure how to provide clickable access to these archives, usually these links live in a widget/sidebar.)

When I moved off Typepad to this self-hosted site is a good a place to jump in: January 2009

I started that year living in Dayton, Ohio. Barack Obama was sworn in as president. We were making lots of t-shirts. Folks got married. Babies were born. I flew around the country and met friends from the internet. Moved back to Cincinnati by autumn and rang in the new year by myself, ready for January 2010.

It’s funny looking back. My style of editing photos has certainly evolved… I made everything look old-timey back then. Once Instagram debuted in October of 2010 I started to veer away from over-processing.

Now I’m just trying to get things in focus.

The struggle continues.

Another pattern I’m seeing at this bird’s eye view is connection—something that has eroded over these recent years. (Thanks Covid.)

This is my reminder to focus on nurturing connection.

I could ramble more about this notion of pattern, but I need to step away from the keyboard and mourn the destruction of freedom. The Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wade, and they’re clear about what’s next…

Kyle Griffin reports “Clarence Thomas writes, in a concurring opinion, that the Supreme Court should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.”

Happy first day of summer

The television programming at the gas pump was very upbeat as I helped the gas industry notch up more record profits.

Took a trip downtown to get a copy of my birth certificate.

The city was still from the heat, with a few folks hanging under shade as I walked to the records department.

The process was simple… Tap details into a kiosk, swipe card and take receipt to the window for the printed copy. I’m not used to such efficiency.

Grabbed some lunch and a few photos and made my way back home.

A clock tower that is inscribed with the location "Over the Rhine"
Over-the-Rhine clock tower (technically Pendleton)
Cincinnati streetcar with Blink wrap


As the longest day of the year set, I cracked open a new book. This one is about a time traveler attempting to stop the assassination of JFK.

It’s 849 pages, but filled with small to medium sized words by Stephen King which tend to go down easy.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit daunting just feeling the heft. This might be a good moment to open more than one book at a time.

Speaking of pages, earlier in the day I stared at a blank one for a bit too long on a tablet computer.

I bet young me would have loved modern painting apps.

(Music link below via Om)

Hard to pinpoint

Having three days of non-oppressive heat were restorative to the soul. So many things packed into the days, it’s a challenge to capture.

But this Sunday was chock full of good things.

An afternoon poolside. Introducing friends. Snack mix. A good playlist. Conversations filled with curiosity and tangents. Reapplication of sunscreen. A dinner out that included really good cocktails and hotdogs. And once the sun set, an evening outside contemplating bucket lists.

Potential fun tangent: The phrase “Bucket List” originated with the 2007 Rob Reiner buddy film of the same name. In an apparent “Mandela Effect,” or mass false memory, everyone seems to think they’ve been using the phrase in their lives long before 2007… Here’s a podcast all about it: The Internet Says Its True.

And here’s the hot dog I ordered (sorry for the food pic, the light was so good)… It had bacon, American cheese, coleslaw & crushed grippos (bbq potato chips). It’s called the Trailer Trash:

A hotdog with bacon, american cheese, coleslaw & crushed barbecue potato chips
The Trailer Trash hot dog from Senate

Check’s in the mail

After lunch errands and checking off everything I could and realizing what I couldn’t, it was time to punch out of work for the week.

The heat wave broke for a projected three day respite, inspiring an outdoor happy hour down in Kentucky.

Candlelight Swift

Ever so cautiously getting back out and doing things. Would have loved to kicked off this evening eating inside a restaurant, but just not there yet. We were hanging our hats on some patio dining but the 90° heat crossed that off the list, so takeout it was!

The centerpiece of the evening would be a Candlelight Concert of Taylor Swift music by Stringsource Cincinnati.

I have to tip my hat to the group behind these pop-ups that span live music, exhibits, cocktail parties, murder mysteries, tasting events or projections of Van Gogh inside an abandoned TJ Maxx. It all feels packaged for the ‘gram, but there are some core underlying elements that elevate the experience.

One of the best parts? For these concerts there’s a no photos policy until the last two songs. It was super lovely to experience music without a barrage of screens lighting up.

Other good things: Using local musicians and venues that may have been empty. Plus also? New contexts and experiences to open minds.

Would I do it again? Totally. They’ve got a slew of candlelight concerts and other experiences around the world.

I tip my hat to Kathryn for bringing me along, and for sharing the video below!

Stringsource Cincinnati performing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me

Like clockwork

If I’m on a call, Edith will hear the sound of my voice and wake up from wherever she is slumbering to come visit, sit and stare, lick her lips and raise a paw in the air hoping for treats. Sometimes I’ll close the door to prevent this behavior. If it’s not latched, she’ll get in.

Excessive Heat Warning

My grandmother on my father’s side kept a diary. It always started with the temperature, level of the Ohio River and any other meteorological conditions. Then she’d make very matter-of-fact notes about the day… A birthday… A visitor… An event…

If nothing else happened, she simply recorded the weather and that was that.