Too many options

Mental note for future Trick or Treating:

  1. Reduce variety. It adds confusion.
  2. Make sure to have something without peanuts on hand.

In other news, I made my first “Reel” on the Instagrams and yikes do I have a lot to learn about creating any sort of mobile video content. I think I can post a link to it on the site here…

A few unused

Casey’s actual birthday was extremely mellow and photos that documented it will stay in another cloud. (There were snapshots of gifts, fried pickles and hot wings.)

In lieu, I offer these outtakes that were usurped by other selections throughout the month.

Small trees with red leaves against a blue metal building
Christmas decorations of little buildings that light up and cost a pretty penny

If you really wanted, here’s a real photo from the day.

Casey’s birthday

After much planning, cleaning and preparation, we had our first party at the house to celebrate Casey’s birthday.

The weather not just cooperated, it was downright lovely—which was a very good thing as there was no backup plan.

Casey’s mom sent up sweets from Carlo’s Bakery, Kathryn made alcohol free sangria, we whipped up a huge batch of Negronis and left the vittles to Morsel & Nosh and Aladdin’s Eatery.

Everything was delightful. My only wish is that I’d have taken a few more photos—but these will more than suffice.

A little off

I’ve been going to my new oncologist with more frequency as he’s collecting datapoints to get a sense of where things stand with my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (previously).

Today my bloodwork numbers were a little off, so we’re ratcheting up the alert system one notch. This means gathering more numbers and re-evaluating things. The good news is, after other recent tests, if I do need to start treatment I’ll likely fare well.

But I’m jumping the gun.

One thing I’ve learned after 25 years with cancer is that it’s best to acknowledge information (or lack thereof) and get back in the moment.

Make adjustments to be more present and realize that’s what you should have been doing all along.

Less because of more

Today I learned there’s more than one variety of Velveeta.

I also learned Pepperidge Farm Snack Sticks are discontinued. There’s only so much space on grocery shelves and product categories keep emerging. Goldfish in all their blasted flavors talk up half the cracker aisle.

You can’t use Goldfish for dipping.

Also, my Youtube algorithm supports food nostalgia.

Pepperidge Farm Snack Sticks in Pumpernickel, Sesame, Three Cheese and natural flavors
I lower my hat to the demise of Pepperidge Farm Snack Sticks

Farm Day 19

Perfect weather for the nineteenth version of Farm Day, with a new portable press for printing tees, the Neuropath puzzle-hike from last year abbreviated to a tidy length, and potluck dishes were back.

Had so much fun I forgot to take too many photos.

I tip my hat to my friends for making a tradition to look forward to year after year. An extra tip of the hat to Diane for making all that chicken with the complicated recipe Tom pushes.

A closing Costco, a refreshed Burger King

Today was my last visit to the Springdale Costco. A bittersweet moment as this was a favorite outing for me and mom. They’re closing the store in favor of a new location in the far out suburbs of Liberty Township, which is a total crock.

The only upside of the outing was seeing the updated Burger King logo in the wild.

Burger King logos through the years

A+ for brand reversal. (The logo is fine but the supporting type and elements are solid. More about all that from the agency behind the update.)

D- for architecture, or “boxitecture