I don’t know all these folks, but visiting personal websites and blogs is my favorite part of the day.

By no means exhaustive of the RSS feeds I’ve collected over the years, I went through and picked out these that still get updated with some frequency.

I may have forgotten some and always open to find new folks. HMU!

If I had just put all these in a single table, the columns would line up. Alas, I started with categories and realized they were an awful way to organize. I don’t have the gumption to reconfigure!


A Whole Lotta NothingWhatever grabs Matt Haughey’s attention
AegirEach post visually unique, often an elaborate and beautiful project or just a flower. Always good.
Scott BomsDispatches about that space between digital and analog, plus type
Phil ArmstrongDaily photos, Cincinnati, NKY, architecture, dogs, bikes, humanity
Gastón Abril RotgerDaily photos, Buenos Aires, cats, family, friends, day to day
Jason WhiteLovely photographs plus links (and music!)
Rachel KwonThinking and linking
Craig ModPhotography, walking, thinking, making
Phil GyfordShort and long form thoughts coupled with links and photos. (also maker of the fab, a vast collection of blogs)
Simon CollisonStream of thoughts, celebration, creation, music making and one of the best personal timelines on the internet
Spectre CollieChuck Jordan delightfully rambles about movies, television, Disney, Star Wars, video games, and computers
Jasper TandyPersonal journal with photos. Pizza, keyboards, cats, and beautiful walks
Naz HamidVisual journal of people and places
Florian ZieglerDaily photos + a journal
BobulateLiz doesn’t post often, but when she does it’s always extra good
Sean SharpDad, runner, reading, Oregon, all around good soul
Miriam Eric SuzanneArt, code, personal reflection
Jon HicksA dollop of design, sketches, music and work
Luke DornyArt and a dash of tech all wrapped up in thoughtful design
SubtractionKhoi’s movies watched
whygodwhyKevin Fanning’s thoughts and whatever
Matt ThomasA little of this, a little of that… movies, quotes, thoughts
James Coffee BlogOpen web, coffee, moments of joy and sometimes Taylor Swift
Colin DevroeTech, photography, 99 lists of links and then some
Rob WeychertMusic, movies, making, thinking and air guitar
Trevor MorrisA fantastic personal trove of data and thought. Trevor often blogs about films but posts about digital preservation and tech to boot.
Seth WerkheiserHeavy metal, bikes, running in the woods and email marketing
Chris ShiflettYearly updates on tech, business and life
Chuck GrimmettPersonal blog, microblog, reads, likes and a garden.
Zinzy Waleson GeeneZinzy sums it up best “a home for soft stances, lived experiences, and critical notes on the things I hold dear.”

General Interest

KottkeCulture, Arts, Tech, all the things, wonderfully often
Daring FireballStarted Mac, dabbles culture and sport. All of it spot on.
Swiss MissThings that catch Tina’s eye (or heart)
YewkneeVideos, music, ephemera
UncrateCurated things and experiences (and a store to boot)
MetaFilterCollective collection of thoughts and links and news
WaxyAndy Baio’s quality links and deeper posts
Austin KleonProcess, insight, reading, writing, watching, thinking, sharing (could fall in any category)

Design / Arts / Tech

Arun VenkatesanDesign and Technology
Chris CoyierLikely about tech and the how-to of it all, but also about life
Robin RendleThoughts and type and thoughts on type and then some
Ethan MarcotteDesign thinking and doing
Dan MallDesign systems, thinking, tech and insight
Ben WerdmullerLonger posts on tech mixed with shorter thoughts and links
Brand New Worth every penny look at brands/logos/identities/packaging and whatnot
ColossalVisual arts with features and interviews that span the globe
Sidebar5 Links to Design / Tech by a community, daily
It’s Nice ThatHighlights and stories of inspiration and creativity
Present & CorrectCollections of visual goodness mixed with occasional product announcements
Spoon & TamagoJapanese Art, Design & Culture
Stephan AngoThoughts on technology and ideas
Fonts in UseFirehose of fonts in use. Usually topical and clumped delightfully.
Elliot Jay StocksA bit about design and soon to be a book about type
Doug WilsonLots of deep dives into type, archiving and design
Simple BitsDan Cederholm’s home for sharing design tidbits, insight, type and products
Luke HarrisMixing the how-to of tech with bits of life
DraplinSubscribed for the updates, but Draplin’s Insta is where his personal blog action lives
InterconnectedMatt Webb’s notebook on tech, design & society
Cameron MollLeadership and design thinking
Seth’s BlogWriter of all sorts. Marketing, strategy, focus, environment and change
Airbag IndustriesGreg Storey doesn’t update his blog enough because he’s fiddling in Squarespace
Trey PiepmeierA mix of tech and personal (could live in several categories)
Riccardo MoriLots of thoughts on Apple, but also about technology and impacts
John NackAI, Photography, tech (and a big dollop of Adobe insight)


Cincinnati MagazinePretty high quality feed of local goings on
365 CincinnatiMonthly collection of upcoming events
Dann WoellertFood Etymologist
Ronnie SalermoPhoto essays
Queen City Historical ReviewOccasional but always densely packed Cincinnati/NKY newsletter from Cam Miller


Austin KleonWeekly collection of thoughts on creativity and everything that leads up to it
Typographic & SporadicElliot Jay Stocks has a new occasional newsletter mostly about type and it’s chock full of good.
Ironic SansIt’s like a blog in your email box that you can also consume as RSS. It’s about ideas and creators and sharing.
Dense DiscoveryWeekly curated goodness, with a healthy dash of humanity and consciousness
Things to ClickA little dose of links to get you through your Friday from Guy
Inspired ByA monthly(-ish?) newsletter with inspirational things by Jan-Paul Koudstaal
Jack ChengSunday Letters reflect on a variety of topics, all good.
Creative MorningsWeekly inspiration, local chapter news and virtual fieldtrips
Did Someone Say Emoji?Jennifer Daniels dishes colorfully on digital communication
Hello ComputerPete Carr’s personal newsletter about being non-binary, autistic and seeing the world
Letters from an AmericanA history professor interested in the contrast between image and reality in American politics

Have a blog or newsletter to recommend? Drop a line!

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