This is a now page, and if you’ve your own site, you could make one, too.  

Currently home in Cincinnati, Ohio waiting for a vaccine to fend off COVID-19. Pretty much been sticking to the house for a year.

We hit pause on the co-working concept. 

Closed up Wire & Twine at the start of 2021.

And I’ve shifted my time almost entirely to design consulting for a variety of companies and organizations. (Branding, websites, interface, some marketing, a bit of motion and that sort of stuff.) I find it delightful for the most part, or try to make it that way.

Getting ready to launch a new site. (Probably have if you’re reading this)

Working on a podcast with my friend Erik. We don’t have a title.

Developing a card game under the Bubba brand.—total bucket list item!

Page updated March 7, 2021