This is a now page, and if you’ve your own site, you could make one, too.  

Currently at a new old house in Cincinnati, Ohio after a months long search to find somewhere to call home with my partner. We honestly were about to give up for the winter and lucked out, closing and moving in right before Christmas 2021.

Closed up our t-shirt adventure called Wire & Twine last year and miss working with my friend Tom. I hope we find some projects to find overlap soon!

I’ve shifted my time almost entirely to design consulting for a variety of companies and organizations. (Branding, websites, interface, some marketing, a bit of motion and that sort of stuff.) I find it delightful and I’m lucky to work with one of my dearest friends. Mostly working with tech companies, but we have a few non-profit projects for the arts and sober living on the side to fill the soul.

Finally made a big update to pull this site together and combine external things into a single place thanks to Kay.

Recently published a zine of sorts with my friend Emily.

Currently developing a card game with my friend Erik and Bubba—total bucket list item!

Page updated May 1, 2022