Figma file of a website theme to capture Life

LifeTheme v2

My greatest joy is to help others express themselves through good design. In the middle of the pandemic I re-designed this very website and designed this WordPress Theme to celebrate the things I love — friends,…

A Wonderful Moment

A Wonderful Moment

A People’s Liberty mini-project to celebrate the midpoint of their experiment.

PSA buttons

Public Service Artists

A community project where folks get together and shed light on important issues for the community.


I took a year as a Fellow at People’s Liberty to explore the intersection of communities and photography.

Mother Tattly

Designed a temporary tattoo for Swiss Miss’ Tattly brand.

Us, Today Computant


Graphic design for all components of the US, Today album.

Made in Ohio

A line of products Tom and I made to celebrate being a Buckeye.

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Emblem design for the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Mudflap guy in neon

Bubba Loves It

In 2004 my buddy Erik and I got high and made something that brought joy to many. We’ve never let it go.

Node.js Logo


Created a new logo for Node.js and all supporting marketing materials, from t-shirts to website, event design and then some.

Cover of a book with 6 men in hiking outfits at the head of a trail in Japan

The Japan Expedition

Book celebrating an expedition on the Kumano Kodo trail and through Japan.

colorful flags hanging up side by side

Cincinnati Neighborhood Flags

DJ and I made flags for a few neighborhoods together. I need to add a bunch of photos, fill in the story and zip my pants.

American Sign Museum prospectus cover featuring a photograph of a sign with light bulbs

American Sign Museum Campaign

Collateral to showcase the vision of the future for the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati.

Breeder’s Halloween Poster

A special edition poster for the Breeders Halloween show up in Columbus Ohio in 2018.

Panorama of Progress

On September 24, 2018, a group of local photographers recreated a panorama from 1848.

A map of a hiking path

Parker Woods Map

DJ and I made a map for a favorite hike in Northside because we kept doubting which way to go.

Front and back of a custom matchbook design

I’ve Got a Match

Custom matches for an opening at the Ledge Gallery.

50 Ways to Save the Planet

50 Ways to Help the Planet

Wendy and I made a list of 50 ways to help the planet that are simple to integrate into our daily routines.

Cincinnati by the Numbers

Celebrating numerous features of Cincinnati

A shirt that has the word plaid on it

Plaid Shirt

Get it? It’s a plaid shirt!

A yellow and red poster with four people that have geometric solids for heads

Platonic Solids

I was in charge of the residents at People’s Liberty for a week. We made a poster together.

A wedding invitation done in the style of a western wanted flyer

Thor and Patrick’s Wedding Invites

They couldn’t find the right invitations so we printed some up by hand in the studio.

Spread from NME magazine

NME Photo

Photo of Kim Deal for New Music Express Magazine (March 2015 edition). I just did the photo, not the layout, but I like it too!


Album design for Open G Records with music by Miri Yamopolsky and Xak Bjerken.

The Cincinnati Anthology

Book design, interior and exterior.

Lil Bub’s Lil Book

Together with many, I contributed photos for Lil Bub’s first book.

T-shirt with a design that reads "Enjoy This Beautiful Day"

Enjoy This Beautiful Day

A colorful sign that says Fabricate

CoSign: Fabricate

Custom made sign for Fabricate in Northside. Part of the CoSign project by the American Sign Museum and the Haile Foundation.

Alaska Berries

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Fate to Fatal album cover

Fate to Fatal

Album art design, photography and production

Brassland Store homepage banner

Brassland Store

2008 – Brassland needed a refresh of their online store and I was happy to help. They have a good vision there and allowed for a more striking design approach.

Here to Make Friends

Here to Make Friends

Tom and I made a shirt to celebrate making friends

43 Folders website header

43 Folders

A website made in 2007 with real folders, paper clips and note cards. It’s not perfect but, we need more human in interface design.

Beard shirt detail

Facial Hairshirt

A t-shirt (and later a print) about beard types.

Canasta Condensed

This is a project I started but never really finished. It’s a tip sheet for Canasta rules and scoring.

Amazon of the future

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The Big Pig Gig website from the year 2000

The Big Pig Gig

It was the year 2000. We had 256 colors and a canvas that was 640 pixels wide to capture an event that took over Cincinnati.

Taft Museum of Art CD-ROM

Taft Museum of Art

We developed a CD-ROM to showcase the artwork of the Taft Museum of Art

Goldfish and g in Chormorama paper


OSU cut paper exercise to combine a letterform and imagery.

Explorations in Modern Typography

A project from typography class at Ohio State

A high school newspaper front from the year 1990

The Messenger

This is where my path toward design started in earnest, thanks to two wonderful teachers in high school.

Doodles of bands on a high school notebook

Back of high school notebook

Is this really a project? It felt like the most important work at the time!

High School Doodles

Type doodles circa 1987

Where I start to veer away from copying band logos and consider my own type explorations.

Drawings of sports cars

Mediocre car drawings

The year? 1985. I had moved away from drawing knights and sailing ships and was now obsessed with cars.

New Richmond Spelling Bee program on pink paper

1984 New Richmond Spelling Bee Program

Early graphic design done with Crayola marker and photocopier.

1983 Ink Leaves

Art Camp

In 1983 I went to art camp and I’m pretty sure this was the first time I was away from home by myself. I was a nervous wreck. Luckily, the majority of other kids were also…


Kindergarten is one of those hazy periods where I don’t remember a whole lot. I do remember the little milk boxes at snack time with a choice of chocolate or regular. I remember getting in trouble…