Links up on cover my most recent surfing, but here’s some destinations that have stuck over time:

  • Yewknee
    Music, links and occassionally beard news
  • Draplin
    Aside from being exemplary in design, Aaron collects and shares bits that matter.
  • Subtraction
    Khoi Vinh's beyond lovely design
  • Absenter
    Nazarin Hamid's photos
    I quite love Rachel's perspective. Currently she's becoming a surgeon.
  • Austin Kleon
    A prolific fella, part artist part writer.
  • Merlin Mann
    You won't find a stream of links here, but you will find perspective, which is better anyway
  • Dooce
    Heather B. Armstrong can put all the ads she wants on her site. She's a great read.
  • Blurbomat
    The other half of Dooce, who covers more nerdy and political topics.
  • JoeMyGod
    Gay culture and wit
  • Towlerroad
    More gay culture, pop culture, media etc... (and excellent)
  • Jockohomo
    A fella that lives in Cleveland, a place I've never been even though I've lived in Ohio my whole life.


  • Autoblog
    News about cars. I go here first when I'm sitting down to zone out.
  • Joystiq
    An aggregate with most of the news from the videogame sites I like
  • Metacritic
    The best place to find out about movies and games
  • Stereogum
    A smattering of stuff, sans tagline
  • Touch Arcade
    News and deals about iOS (iPhone/iPad) games.
  • Devour
    Videos formated for mobile consumption. (Namely tablet computers)
  • Uncrate
    A blog about things you can often buy, but they're always nice to look at.


Have some links you think I'd like? Please, by all means, drop a line.
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