February 22, 2024

Neko Atsume 2

I was super into Neko Atsume 1 for a good chunk of time. It was a sweet spot in the cursory world of mobile phone games that encouraged daily check-ins, but not spending all your time there. Plus also, kitties! / thanks MetaFilter


Neko Atsume 2

February 21, 2024

Robin Rendle’s mini manifesto

Right there on the homepage is a stack of thoughts to describe what the site is. Robin adds a bit of backstory in this post. Dig this lots and desperately need to create a manifest of my own. Reminds me of Fictive Kin's /purpose.


Mini Manifesto

February 20, 2024

Sample Breakdown: Gotye

Wow. I had no idea Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know is largely comprised of samples. This YouTube channel helps visualize the complexity in such a visual way. Subscribed!


Sample waveforms rearranged

February 19, 2024


Discovery app for new music releases, music videos, events, and news from your favorite artists and record labels by Marcos Tanaka. Because finding new releases on Apple Music and Spotify is abysmal. / thanks for the rec to Paul Carroll!


MusicHarbour app screenshots

Nothing You Love Is Lost

A short story about love, loss and letting go by John P. Weiss, who uses photos to inspire writing. / via Dave Rogers


Black and white photo of two folks at a cafe table outside

A wedding album 62 years in the making

Gastón Abril Rotger embarked on a long project to take tiny photo samples of his mother-in-law's wedding, scan and restore them to be printed large. 62 years after the wedding, Pirucha received her album and the visual storytelling of the moment is touching. So much that the story has been featured on television a few times.


Piru’s gift

February 17, 2024

Designed by Apple

It's over 10 years old, but this animation about design and intention holds up well.


Animated dots and lines

February 14, 2024

Mediocre ideas, showing up, and persistence.

Chris Coyier just posted a list with 43 items and this nugget was in there. I agree with this simple advice, as showing up for mediocre ideas puts them in front of others to become better. And persistence? A big part of that (for me) is to not spend all my time consuming.


Chris Coyier's head with a ball cap on a black background

Beta Love

20 years ago this Valentine's Day a journaled about this mix of love songs. I made Spotify and Apple Music playlists today to rekindle the moment.


Beta Love mix CD

Joseph’s Machines, Valentine edition

Kinetic artist Joseph Herscher invents useless machines, unless that use is to be delightful and entertaining, in which he succeeds! (also on Youtube)


Valentine machine

February 12, 2024

17 Minutes of Charles Schulz Drawing Peanuts 

I remember seeing parts of this as a kid and being completely enamored. The feeling remains.


Charles Shultz at a drawing desk

February 10, 2024

Well-Tempered Traveler

Google's summation of weather across regions and the year. / via Brain Feeney


Weather chart

February 9, 2024

A New Sports Tradition for Dads & Daughters

Cetaphil taps into the Taylor/Travis zeitgeist and makes a winning commercial.


Daughter looking up at father out of frame in television commercial referencing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

February 6, 2024

Apple Vision Pro Immersive Demo, at home

I highly recommend scheduling a demo at the Apple Store for the Apple Vision Pro. It's 30 minutes with about 10 for setup and the rest for experiencing the headset. It ends with a superfun immersive video montage. It's available at home buried in the Apple TV+ store


Apple Vision Pro promo shot

Some good newsletters

Luke Harris shares a list of newsletters he subscribes to by RSS (I need to figure this out as my email box is silly). I know about half of these but the other half are new to me.


A graphical cactus

February 5, 2024

Hundreds of Beavers

I randomly (probably not) see this come across my feeds and then realize there is a screening tonight in Cincinnati with filmmakers and beavers at the showing and man I wish I could go. Filing away to watch this black and white slapstick movie in the future!


Two persons in bunny outfits frame in black and white film

February 4, 2024

None of the music was prerecorded on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Johnny Costa attended every taping, providing live piano accompaniment just off camera with percussionist Bobby Rawsthorne and bassist Carl McVicker. Jazz pianist and composer Charles Cornell shares some history.


person playing piano from above

February 2, 2024

Visit the Eames Archives

Scheduled, guided tours of the collection in Richmond, California. Bucketlited / via Scott Boms’ Through Lines


Eames Institute

Rukh typeface

Sometimes you see type and just want to make some designs. This is one of those typefaces. Lovely work by Mohammed Samad and Bouk Ra.


Rukh typeface

February 1, 2024

Untitled Folder Wallet Final.Final.2

I think I first learned of Nik Bentel on Colossal. But it was this feature of the brand refresh on Under Consideration that brought me back to the site. I do love some Optima. And this wallet makes me smile. The name alone!


Untitled Folder wallet

January 31, 2024

February as a month of possibility

"It’s the shortest month, so it should be the easiest for a daily 'practice and suck less' challenge." says Austin Kleon. He even made a PDF calendar you can print out to inspire said feat. I think I might try to practice walking.


February 2024 calendar to inspire daily practice

Email Authentication

I recently came across an email that I needed to set up authentication for a domain and for the life of me I can't find it now. But I remember thinking, I will loop back right after I learn how to do this. Chris Shiflett shares an approach.


January 30, 2024

Project Tapestry

I have no idea if I need this app in my life, but it's Icon Factory. It'll be fun and pretty and very likely awesome. Backed. More deets on their blog post.


Wireframe of app

Recapturing early-internet whimsy with HTML

Digging the six projects that MIT links in this piece about personal, whimsical and artistic web sites and explorations. Saving to savor after work!


Digital garden

January 28, 2024

How It’s Made: LEGO Sets

Did some surfing to learn more about how LEGO is made and this video was the best I’ve seen thus far. I could watch a miniseries on this topic, from ideation to execution.


Lego factory

January 26, 2024

A unified theory of fucks

(Admission, I try not to swear on this site. I don't know why.) But this short essay by Mandy Brown is worthy of it.


A unified theory of fucks

Photographers in Commercials

Like Seth, I'm enjoying Noah Kalina’s new video series that spans the gamuts. In this case, reactions to photographer portrayals in commercials. I think this is what the kids call cozy.


Noah Kalina video podcast

Bury Me in the Highlands

Let's say you make sourdough and give the loaves away but wanted to put them in a bag with a stamp and your brother was a type designer... (Swipe to see said stamp in context). Gorgeous.


Bury Me in the Highlands

January 25, 2024

Porkbun’s awesomeness page

Tucked away in their footer is a link under about us that simply reads awesomeness. Well that's delightful! / thanks Erik!


Illustrations of pigs with domain extensions

New Deal Maps

Every dot the site of a New Deal project. Could be art, facilities, education, agriculture, infrastructure, parks or more. Oodles in my hometown alone. / via Ethan Marcotte


New Deal map of projects in CIncinnati, Ohio

January 24, 2024

Very Robin

Robin Mientjes has a new website and it is delightful.


Pixelated homepage design featuring a robin in their nest with eggs as navigation


Jeremy Keith serves up a handful of links to places with oodles more links, many new to me.. As Cassidy (another personal site also new to me) writes, "I miss human curation" — Sames. It's excellent to find new places to wander.


Abstract image

NY Times on menu design trends

Dig everything about this sort of reporting. Now make a pretty list of all Biden’s accomplishments NY Times! (gift link)



January 23, 2024

Plantega and other vegan tidbits

I've been watching You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment (wiki) on Netflix and feeling v. motivated to increase plant based foods, including things featured in the series like Mioyoko’s cheese, Prime Roots deli classics and this Plantega bodega in New York.


Vegan sandwich

January 11, 2024

World Weather Map

This would be a lovely screensaver any screen, including a television. Mesmerizing in scale.


World weather map with temperate gradients

January 10, 2024

Mod West Ranch

I've had this tab open long enough that I know I need to save it and move on. I already have oodles of places to consider in Palm Springs, but oh my word, THIS ONE! It could be a retreat!


Palm Springs pool

Roger + Chris Fifth Wheel Trailer Renovation

Not only do these fellas make fine couches, they renovate homes and in this case, a fifth wheel trailer. I've long dreamed of life on the road and that notion has faded a little, but seeing their transformation makes me re-think the possibility. (Also, it's for sale!)


A very well appointed RV trailer

January 8, 2024

Criterion 2023 Room Tone

I remember enjoying the first edition of these quiet moments to test the camera in 2020, and they're just as delightful this time around. I just did a 30 second test in my office and have decided I would benefit from makeup and better lighting. / via Yewknee


Color checker for video production

The Present

Dig this annual clock that takes an entire year to complete as a way to connect more emotionally with time. The gradient version represents seasons. There are other versions for a single day and moon cycles.


Colorful clock with one hand that shows a year

January 5, 2024

BLAG’s top articles from 2023

I recently subscribed to BLAG’s print mag and it is a beauty to hold. Here’s a sampling of things they share. So much to savor!


10 images from BLAG articles

Fit as many cats as you can on this game board

I spent a few minutes trying to find a place that sells this board game with adorable cat pieces stateside to no avail. Saving for later to explore in the future.


Board game with cat pieces

Open Broadcaster Software

Software that lets you record your computer screen AND front facing (or external) camera at the same time. As seen on Paul Carroll’s Everything I Made videos (there’s a new one for 2023!)


Screen recording software

Mychal Threets Wants Everyone to Experience ‘Library Joy’

I need a category for joy so I can revisit stories like this. Dig this insight into the person behind a favorite social media account. More on Mychal with this KQED interview.


Mychal Threets in the library

100 things that made Austin Kleon’s 2023

I like the variation of Austin’s list that captures small quiet joys, simple interactions and foodstuffs.


Snippet of a blackout poem

My website as a home

Nico Chilla considers a personal website as a living space, “I want to use my website to order and document my own activity, and to interact with things and people that I care about.” Sames. / via Rachel’s updated The internet used to be fun


Screengrab of Nico Chilla's home page

Learn to Make Your First Custom Font

Dan Cederholm is hosting a workshop to show how it's done. I've not had an idea for a font, but I've kind of always wanted to make one.


Making Your First Font

RSS Anything

Transform any old website with a list of links (articles) into an RSS Feed. Handy! / via Chuck Grimmett


Newspaper icon

Jim Nielsen’s icon galleries

Jim has been designing, developing, and curating icon gallery sites for iOSmacOS and watchOS since 2011. They are incredible in every way to search, sort, browse and enjoy. He also helped with the most excellent App Icon Book by Michael Flarup and team. So. Good.


iOS app icons

January 2, 2024

Happy birthday Tina

Swissmiss shares intentions and reminders for the new year and they're all solid. Please excuse me, I’m on the hunt for a disco ball.


Tina Roth Eisenberg

December 29, 2023

Simon Collison’s 2023 in music

I look forward to Simon’s yearly posts and playlists to fuel music discovery into the new year.


A few favorite album covers of 2023 from Simon Collison

December 23, 2023

The history of Donkey Kong

And the birth of the jump button and platforming video games. Dig those initial sketches and every detail in these insights, even with bits of conjecture. / via Dave Rupert


Sketch of first level of Donkey Kong

The kids said they wanted to play Mario

This teacher shares his enthusiasm and extensive collection of classic Mario games with his class and it brings me great joy to know this is happening in the world. (Thanks Wendy!)


A man with a bunch of Mario cartridges

December 20, 2023

Godzilla Minus One, in black and white

A black and white version is coming to theaters and I haven't seen the original color release and now want to see both! / via benbrown


Godzilla in black and white

December 19, 2023

Pablo Rochat solved losing the Apple remote

It’s a very solid idea and still keeps the port open for charging.


Apple Remote in couch cushion

December 17, 2023

Eddy Goldfarb

Thanks to this CBS Sunday Morning segment, I now know the person who created Stompers (and a BUNCH of other iconic toys) is named Eddy Goldfarb and his daughter made a documentary about him, toys and aging.


Four toys and games designed by Eddy Goldfarb

December 16, 2023

Hamburger wrapping paper

This wrapping paper elicits a grin as does the steak version especially when put in a styrofoam container with added Saran Wrap.


hamburger wrapping paper

Luke Harris: Top 25 games of all time

I love lists like this. I've fond memories with many of these video games. These lists are hard to make, but I've found if you consider them malleable it’s easier to put out there.


Portal 2

A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)

Another gem 4k supersampled holiday special gem. Also for that pile: When Love Is Gone usually missing from The Muppet Christmas Carol / via Ben Brown


A Muppet Family Christmas

December 12, 2023

Draplin goes metal

I very much want a fence to display some of these signs. Dig the cosmic message and all are welcome versions a lot.


Metal signs that lay out ideals

December 9, 2023

Patrick’s picks for best album art of 2023

He does this every year and I always find not just new music to explore, but wonderful art. (He also creates a list for worst album art of the year)


Album cover with rainbow fag on fire