Howdy, my name’s Chris Glass. I’m a tall fella from a small town in Southwestern Ohio. Growing up, we raised cattle, sheep, ate fresh eggs from the chickens, had ducks, and peacocks too. We were plopped in the middle of huge fields alternating between tobacco and corn (that we didn’t tend to). No neighbors really, so I found lots of ways to entertain myself.

Went to school and buried my head in the books, got out, and now I earn my keep like a good citizen. Taught for a short while at my alma mater, and it’s maybe something I hope to take up again.

Been pegged the creative sort, a moniker I’ve wrestled with and accepted- it’s something I try to turn for the good as often as possible.

There’s a slew of topics that’ll perk up my ears and likely bring a grin to my face: music, travel, books, ideas, and computers.

NOTE: This entire page is going to be re-written.

My friend Erik thinks it does not reflect who I am. He thinks it’s too “aw shucks folksy.” He’s probably right. I wrote this when I was in my 30’s. (I’m 50 now.)

I’ll still use y’all though. No one can stop me.

I currently spend my days in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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» Looking for my old site? It includes my first website in the timeline tab.

» Have a question? Drop a line

Thanks kindly for stopping by!

Chris Glass