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I created a character called Potbelly my junior year at OSU and attempted to get the cartoon published. The first few times I was rejected, but it didn't hamper my spirits - I went back to the drawing board with renewed vigor.

The goal was to have a character that was not offensive, as were so many of the cartoons published at the time in the school paper. I don't know if I succeeded to that end, but I stayed well away from swear words and finger pointing.

Eventually I got the job (actually, you get paid for jobs don't you?) After much persistence to the editors. It turned out to be very successful in its own right and I garnered a small following of loyal readers.

After two quarters though, I grew tired of the dog and decided to branch off into human lead characters. There was a small uproar and I brought Potbelly back into the mix - without much resistance.

Here are a few of the initial strips. I hope to archive the complete set once I get a chance...


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