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In July of 1996, I joined with a few colleagues and started IDIO Technology Studios, a design firm devoted to the interactive media. The first question most people ask is where the name came from. It's somewhat embarrassing now to admit that it came from a book titled "The IDIOTS Guide to Starting Your Own Business." Personally I have always disliked those books for two reasons: the condescending title, and the horrible jacket art. Strange enough though, the book walked us through those initial steps of incorporating and taxes and all the little details we had not foreseen.

We had a good run at IDIO. Closing up shop in 2005. Almost a decade of making websites and enjoying each others company.

The story had a good ending. Everyone went their ways, some got jobs in the tech field, many started families, and all of us are friends and in touch.

Me? I kept freelancing, and then helped start up an entirely new gig: Wire & Twine.