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hiking poster

I cannot overemphasize the value of process that has been taught to me at both OSU and The Schule for Geståltung (School for Design) in Switzerland.

For this project, we were to design a poster to celebrate the hiking paths in Switzerland. The computer was only used to print out type, if we so desired.

Through the iterations I realized how important simple elements could be to a message. The old adage is true that less is more.

By stripping away extraneous detail, I settled on a solution that was stark, but seemingly effective.


On the left: Just a doodle really, but nice without type. The yellow diamond shape is representative of a signage system for navigating through the many Wanderweg (paths) in Switzerland.

On the right: Just fun, loose, analog exploration.

On the left: Looks like cheese curls or something. Normally I wouldn't even show something like this - but it is really important to document iterations, as they may come in handy later on.

On the right: A simplification with a large photo in the backgroun.


On the left: A variation on the basic green sign version, with a column of photos.

On the right: Believe it or not, this is the one my professor and I agreed upon.

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