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The following text and image are an excerpt from my journal during a foreign exchange trip in the summer of 1989:

In the afternoon, Ollie, his father, Nicole and I went to the Heidelberg Schloss (Castle). The drive was about 1 1/2 hrs, but it probably would have taken 2-3 without the Autobahn. (Often we went over 110 M.P.H.!!!) Mr. Frieser might have gotten a ticket, we're not sure, because they have sensors at the side of the road that take a picture (of license plate and driver) of cars speeding. (This was a rare stretch of highway that had a speed limit).

At Heidelberg we toured through the Schloss and it began to rain. Although most of the castle was destroyed by battles, much of it has been preserved with original artwork and furnishings. At the end of the tour (the guide spoke English) there was a pub/ice cream parlor in the basement. Also in this area you can see one large wine barrel and one really, REALLY large wine barrel / room. It's so big there are steps to go to the top of it where there's a little dance floor.

There's a story that a man spent his whole life emptying the barrel (glass by glass) and when he finished it off as an old man, he drank a glass of water the next day and died.

watercolor pencil

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