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national museum of american art cd-rom

The National Museum of American Art needed assistance creating a refined interface for a comprehensive CD-ROM showcasing select works.

It was a great honor to work with the Nina Tovish at the Smithsonian to realize this piece. My role was to develop interface components after the functionality and content were determined.

  NMAA Title

The program was not based on the physical space of the museum, so it was important to find another way to communicate navigation. The solution was an adaption of way finding devices such as banners commonly found in museums.

I was not well versed in 3D programs at the time, so created these columns by cutting out photographs to prop up on a piece of poster board. Then I used a video camera to capture the art and manipulate in a photo editing program.

  Main Menu

Spec screen for the gallery.


At any point throughout the disc one may click on an artwork and drag it to the portfolio on the left side of the screen. Opening the portfolio reveals all of the artwork stored. Users may then comment on the pieces in a notation area, or save the set for a slide show.

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