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fighter planes of world war II

Often a CD-ROM needs a prototype to get off the ground (pardon the pun). So was the case when the Smithsonian wanted to create a disc for the Air and Space Museum and needed a demo to generate interest.

This particular demo took only a few days to put together, based on rough ideas from the museum.

  NASM Title

A quick jaunt to the library afforded a wealth of imagery to scan in (it was what you did in 1995).

I should add that for a final production piece, royalty free images or original artwork would have been appropriated.

I say this because the nature of the web is very cut and paste and sometimes not very kind (yet) to creators rights.

  The Fighters

There were two initial goals for this disc - it was to be a reference piece for aircraft of WWII, and a documentary from a pilot's perspective.

Working closely with Robert Abbott, we created a very simple means to cross reference the aircraft with controls on the right of the screen.

Panels would then zip out from the side to reveal specific information and specifications.


The pilot section presented personal accounts from veterans about the aircraft and the strategies of war.

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