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john deere

Moving into application design was a challenge I accepted readily.

This particular program needed to be easy to understand by farmers with little techincal experience.


This program will be bundled with combines and other farm equipment armed with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) installed on board.

Farmers will be able to take data from their fields and plug it into their home PC.

Entering information through a questionaire-like process makes the task similar to accounting software.


A goal of the interface was to create an environment that did not rely on any specific operating system. It would be a "John Deere application."



Once the information is collected, the data can be viewed in a variety of methods.

As a designer, it is important to understand the engineering and technical issues in order to create a logical visual hierarchy for this information. This screen illustrates a field map with low concentration of fertilizer. Color plays a crucial role when communicating this information.

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