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body vision
cd-rom concepts

This project was billed at the ultimate electronic atlas of the body. The following screens are just prototypes that address the look and feel of the program, in addition to the navigation issues.

Don't pay any mind to parts of the body that are labeled wrong, as this was just an electronic sketch.

In this instance, a few movies of the human body were delivered and some basic criteria about information to be displayed on screen.


After the first draft, there was discussion about navigation and tone. This "sketch" represents a darker piece that uses dramatic lighting to reveal the control surfaces. I was actually quite pleased with this solution, as well as the first iteration, but the creator of the body images was looking for something else.

Sometimes the design process can be frustrating.


This last iteration considers a more display-like interface. I was hoping to suggest the old CRT monitors found on hospital equipment. However, it was still not exactly what the client had in mind. Eventually the project was put on hold, but I have heard that it is now back on the drawing board.

Perhaps something will come out of these noodlings after all.

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