Jaguar S-Type in a parking lot

Looking for a rug

February 10, 2024

Fourplex in Cincinnati


January 2, 2024

A person browses the dairy section at Trader Joes

A really fine time to go to Trader Joes…

November 1, 2023

A can of Pepsi Mango Zero Sugar

Pepsi Mango Zero Sugar 6.5/10

September 18, 2023

Blue micro-truck parallel parked on street

Piecing things together

September 7, 2023

Ninja Air Fryer digital read-out reads "COOL COOL"

Cool Cool

August 26, 2023

Bee's Barbecue storefront

Bee’s Barbecue

August 24, 2023



August 17, 2023

Amador bar

Amador and a sun from Tatooine

July 16, 2023

Paula Pondstone on stage in a striped suit and purple lights

Paula Poundstone at the Taft Theatre

March 17, 2023

A cat sits on a couch

Edie on couch, IV

January 13, 2023

An egg on a white countertop casting a long shadow.

Egg prep

November 22, 2022

Marquee that reads Andrew Calahand Channel 5 on the Taft Theatre

Channel 5 Live

November 18, 2022

A square wood bowl filled with Halloween candy.

Too many options

October 31, 2022

Travel Inn Motel in Springdale, Ohio

A few unused

October 30, 2022

Melissa & Kyle stand with their child in a stroller in the parking lot of a grocery store

Crossing paths with Pop Rocket

September 29, 2022

Chinese Chestnut seed pod with spikes


September 18, 2022

PO Boxes and a table with supplies in a post office lobby

Check’s in the mail

June 17, 2022

A cat sits on a cat bed on a bed


May 5, 2022

rasperries and peanut butter on a piece of white toast

The small wins

March 16, 2022

A white panel truck parked on the street in a neighborhood in late winter

Panel truck

March 13, 2022

Tulip leaves break through recycled rubber mulch

Possibly tulips

March 9, 2022

A geometric graphic illustration of a tiger on heather gray fabric

More tiger shit

February 11, 2022

A brown brick house with a front porch in the snow

Spitting ice

February 3, 2022

A snow covered street with cars parked on the sides

Lots of snow this time

January 28, 2022

Two highway signs for Interstate 75 North and South on the side of a fence covered in graffiti

Post about food without a picture of food

January 21, 2022

A box of cards with collages of flowers set on a dark background sitting on a felt pad on a desk

Actually you can

January 20, 2022

An orange coffee mug on a faux white marble countertop with a long shadow from morning light

Coffee in morning light

January 19, 2022

A cat with a surly expression sits in front of a fireplace

Station Eleven, the show

January 11, 2022

3642 Edwards Road - An apartment building in yellow brick with blue skies


January 4, 2022

A man sits between two dogs on a red couch

Meet Lucky

January 2, 2022

Long John Silvers

Those crunchy things at Long John Silvers are called crumblies

An empty apartment

This house is clean

December 28, 2021

Two remain slices of quiche

All that is truly masculine

December 23, 2021

A beverage koozy that looks like a buffalo plaid jacket

Beverage Flannel

December 11, 2021

A city neighborhood street with autumn leave and gaslights with wreaths

New paths

December 2, 2021

A moving truck filled with furniture and moving pads

Moving day

November 30, 2021

A sharpened Blackwing pencil

Not to put too fine a point on it

November 5, 2021

A bad egg floating in a glass of water

Bad egg

August 15, 2021

A yurt on a deck in a wooded landscape

Alternate accommodations

June 24, 2021

ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry tree

March 31, 2021

A patch of a polar bear on a red background.

Bear patch

February 18, 2021

A new category

January 2, 2021


November 15, 2020

Edith on steps

May 20, 2020


May 1, 2020

The new setup

April 15, 2020

An ice cream sandwich

April 8, 2020

Plant in sunlight

April 6, 2020

Stare off into nowhere

February 27, 2020


February 13, 2020

Gabe Kea

January 25, 2020


January 11, 2020

I did not get the nibblers

December 16, 2019

Her lounge table

December 12, 2019

No LaGuardia, no

August 8, 2019

Cheez curls

July 5, 2019


July 3, 2019


July 2, 2019

Releasing steam

July 1, 2019