Oversized luggage tags as art
The Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta (1 of 9 of them) was way too packed
Three quotes as art
But they had “art”
Atlanta airport people mover with green, blue and yellow abstract art on the ceiling
A Delta plane as seen through rainy window
Rain delay
A Delta boarding sign for San Juan
1 hour delay, not too bad
A man walks down a jetway
San Juan from the air
Approaching San Juan
Some sort of factory as seen from a plane
Some sort of factory
An interior shot of a sitting area and kitchen overlooking a pool
The AirBnB
An outdoor table, lounge chair and small pool
A neon sign that says SUPERDUPER and an old Kodak Polaroid sign
Free books in a tropical setting
Free books
Coconut milks
Palm tree against sky
Palm trees
Two beaded men in a tropical setting take a selfie
A beach!
San Juan at sunset
A rectangular pool in a tropical setting
Ended the night with a dip