Platonic Solids

While Megan was away from People’s Liberty for the week, I jumped in and worked alongside the residents. We had an event coming up and wanted to make something special to commemorate the occasion AND to learn the ins and outs of getting a poster printed with DIY Printing.

The event was part of Globe in the Dark, evening openings that introduced Cincinnati to what was new in the gallery by Findlay Market. This event was all about Deep Space exhibition, a trippy prismatic and light bending installation by Amy Lynch, Joel Masters and JD Loughead.

As for me and the residents*? We became models for the poster, put it all together on the computer, and Aaron at DIY made the limited edition prints (with real life glow-in-the-dark inks!) come to life.

* Jon Medina, Christina Coobatis and Jenny Yanosik

Our initial sketch of four Platonic solids, unlucky in love.