Bubba Loves It

In 2004 I met Erik at a rodeo in Arizona after having been LiveJournal friends for some time. We hit it off swimmingly in meatspace and planned for a trip out to his place in California. I extended that trip from a week to two because we were on fire with ideas. One was to fully realize this vision of Bubba.

There’s lots more to this story. Give me time, I’ll fill in the gaps.

Until then, you can see some of things we’ve made at Bubba Loves It.

Bear flags
Bubba started as a stencil which we used to make these Tibetan “Bear” flags for a camping trip.
A man in a green t-shirt and a tiller
One of our original tees was this “Oh Deer” design
Bubba hat in pink with camo
The Pink Lady Bubba Hat, part of the current line-up