Facial Hairshirt

On December 5th, 2006 – we made our first sale at Wire & Twine (thanks Erik!). It was this Facial Hairshirt, or what we called the beard shirt.

I’m a beard man. Took me 30 years to grow one proper and boy does my weak jaw benefit from the extra volume. Mine doesn’t do very much other than get all squashed when I sleep at night or get fluffy out of the shower – but I’ve always been one to appreciate the variations that can be made with a touch of the razor (and the proper genes).

So I set out to make a design that incorporated major types of facial hair. I did lots of research and edited it down to these 14 varieties that I felt were a good representation, finding an image and making a collage.

It is by no means comprehensive, and I’m not a licensed pognologist (one who studies beards), but I think it gives a fair representation of the diversity found in face fur. A handy key is printed on the bottom of the shirt toward the seam, to help you identify each style.

Look how happy it made me:

Chris Glass wearing the Beardshirt