A Wonderful Moment

December 10, 2017 — A Wonderful Moment happened and it was, well, wonderful. It was part of Intermission, a series of one day events celebrating the halfway point of the People’s Liberty experiment.

I had their space in Findlay Market for a single day and submitted an idea for the project.

The idea: Ask folks to find some joy captured in a photo and send it in with the story. I would print it out in a darkroom in black and white and hang everything up on the wall for a single day show. During the show I’d recreate a darkroom in the bathroom and teach folks how to print their own photos from a mobile phone.

Thing is? I hadn’t really done this before, but I read about it on the internet! And nothing is more motivating than a deadline.

Over 225 submissions later, the day drew nearer and it all came together. We digitally printed everyone’s photos and hung them on the walls with captions and set out a second print on the yellow table for folks to keep. And in the bathroom of People’s Liberty we set up a darkroom that somehow actually worked. Folks visiting the exhibit were encouraged to find a photo on their phone and print it out on the spot and take it home.

It was pretty magical to see the submissions and reactions to the process. Hope to do it all over again.

Yup, that’s a toilet underneath the photo enlarger