43 Folders

We met up in meatspace for breakfast. Once the bill was paid, Merlin had some time to kill between meetings so we walked around The City (which I should mention, I like to pronounce with Thurston Howell III clenched teeth). 

We talked a bit about 43 Folders. For those that don’t know, Time Magazine has called this one of the top 10 websites in the universe, or something to that effect. In their words, the site “offers tips for organizing both your digital life and your analog one.”

One thing led to another, and when I got home I worked up some visual concepts. Some evolution by a ninja named Ben Durbin translated the sketches into real, working stuff with Drupal.

The website still stands 14 years later. There are broken images, the advertising network went away and the last post was from 2009. I’m just as proud of this work today after all the flips of the calendar.

A pushpin, a paperclip, a binder clip

So much web design is super polished and super digital anymore. This was made with real folders and paper clips and note cards.

It’s not perfect, and that’s what I like think brings a bit of humanity.

We need more human in interface design.