In fact, I don’t even use analytics*. That said, the server inherently has logs of traffic on this site, I guess. But I don’t look at those logs or even know where to find them.

The less I know about such things, the more time I can focus on how my friends and family are doing, make sure my cat is happy, and figure out what’s for dinner.

The only information I receive is if you leave a comment or a send a note through my contact page.

I do not do any tracking, but I have been known to embed videos from time to time. If a page loads with something embedded, I won’t know (but someone else probably will.)

* Doing a few months of cookie free analytics with Cabin to figure out a few things: 1. How are folks accessing the site? (I’ve been favorite a design best for desktop. I probably need to adapt.) 2. Where are visitors going? As I transitioned from old site to this one, some dead links have emerged. I want to squash those!