Something About You

Relink: Powerful music video for Elderbrook & Rudimental. Directed by Luke Davies and choreographed by Jacob Holme. (Thanks for the reminder Sean!)

Silhouette of a man with a hat done in charcoal

J.S. Ondara “Lebanon”

I linked this song back in 2019. Got lost in the tracks today and went down a rabbit hole. Bringing it back to the top cos it holds up.

People on stairs choreographed for a music video

Noga Erez “VIEWS”

Featuring Reo Cragun & ROUSSO. Currently watching this video from the beginning to the end whenever I need a transition.

After getting his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a clinic at Berkshire Community College, Yo-Yo Ma got out his cello and performed a 15-minute impromptu concert for the others folks at the clinic.

Yo-Yo Ma, and a bit of his impromptu vaccination site concert

Easing into the day listening to this and nodding my head in agreement with Jason. Let's invest in the arts.

Radio Garden

Spin the globe and jam out. / via Coudal Partners

Nickleback is on TikTok

They're off to a good start. / via Links I Would Chat You if We Were Friends

Miley Cyrus: Tiny Desk Concert

Happening now. Kicking off with Fade into You... This is going to be good. (It was indeed good, but it was also TOO SHORT! I know, that's the format. But still.)

Tiktok: The Sea shanty ‘Wellerman’ has gone viral

This stuff gives me goosebumps. Imagine if TikTok started to make high quality audio and video stems a part of their platform...

Seth Werkheiser is starting the year off with a daily loop of music

Perfection is the enemy of done

Lubalin Closing Out 2020 on a High Note

Saw the attorney general one and was pleased to see a larger span of music.

Gordi – Heaven I Know

Live on KEXP. I've heard of Gordi before, but hadn't heard this. It's a sublime, building performance / via SeanSharp


Taylor Swift’s new album drops at midnight.

For The Longest Time (Quarantine Edition)

Whoa, oh ohhh oh

Harry Styles: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Did I ever link this up? My WORD it is GOOD. (Hold on, it benefits from a wee bit of scrubbing)

Air Conditioned Dork

This music video definitely captures a vibe, feelings and beauty / via yewknee

Andy Shauf – “Clove Cigarette”

This music video was shot with LiDAR. Dig it. / via Yewknee

Ohio music playlist w/ Kim Deal

Listen to Kim and Kyle spin some Ohio tunes. Also? Register to vote.

A message from Tyler

Tyler Childers is a country musician in Kentucky with an excellent new album and a message about justice for all.

NPR Music’s 25 Favorite Albums Of 2020 (So Far)

Trying to expand my listening habits. Picking albums from the list to accomplish said goal.

Folklore (Taylor Swift album)

This makes me happy. Looking forward to listening today? Well, maybe not tonight, midnight is far away.

Bohemian Rhapsody | A Synchronized Roller Coaster

Mesmerizing / via waxy

Choir! Epic! Nights with Colin Hay – Men At Work “Overkill”

Adding Choir! Choir! Choir! to my post Covid bucket list / video via Merlin Mann

Avenuebeat “F 2020”

(I now only experience TikTok through a browser)

JazzKeys, by Plan8

Type a message, make a jazz song, share with others! Kind of amazing. (It even "plays" your typos and corrections) /via waxy

The Countermelodies That Changed Us: A Lifetime Of Loving Indigo Girls

Filing away to read. I love the Indigo Girls

▶︎ <3 | raster

My friend Chris Pratt (not that one) recommended this music and I tend to like his perspective because it's usually far out.

Live Lounge Allstars – Times Like These

We're seeing a lot of this sort of thing, the Brady Bunch of zoom concerts... And though I don't know many of these artists, this was just a wonderful break over lunch to enjoy / via Andy Baio

Taylor Swift “Soon You’ll Get Better”

This was my favorite moment the One World: Together at Home stream

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights on iPhone (GarageBand)

I didn't understand how powerful Garageband is on iPhone. Whoa!

Fiona Apple: Fetch the Bolt Cutters

Here she explains every song.