A single issue

Ohio Republicans spent 20 million dollars to hold a special election for a single issue. That issue was to raise the threshold for state Constitutional amendments from a simple majority, to 60%. (Meaning 40% of Ohioans would get to choose the law.)

Even crazier? It required amendment campaigns to collect signatures from each and every state county (there are 88). Currently the law sets this requirement at half (44 counties).

What would this all mean? Ohio voters would no longer be able to amend the state constitution.

The culprits behind this measure framed it as “protecting Ohio’s Constitution” and Thank God It Failed.

Vote Yes sign on the property of the church where voting occurs
Someone put a sign on the voting grounds (illegally)

Baked Feta with Cherry Tomatoes

This dish has become a bi-weekly favorite for several reasons. First, it’s tasty and allows for variation but most of all? It might be the easiest meal to prep, ever. (And I “ever” sparingly.)

Recipe: Baked Feta with Cherry Tomatoes at Alexandra’s Kitchen.

We increase the amount of garlic and serve it over pasta but spaghetti squash is next.

Related admission: After taking this photo refilling an Olive Oil squeeze bottle I felt guilty and vowed to buy more from Graza because that label is lovely, as is their oil.

Pouring olive oil into a fancy bottle with a nozzle thingy

A list of things not to buy at Costco

Met up with Kathryn for a Costco run and here she is consulting her list of things not to buy that included:

  • Books
  • Too many snackies
  • Fresh food (we have plenty)

The selection of Cheez-Its is way bigger than jelly

It was hard to find fruit preserves because that section has shrunk to a few shelves, almost hidden by the expansion of nut butters.

While Cheez-Its and Oreos almost get dedicated aisles. Bizarre.

In other news, I avoided retro Pop-Tarts but got excited by the potential of Reese’s Pumpkins with carved jack-o-lantern faces only to be severely let down.

Pizza and fire

Not pictured, an abundance of pizza.


We’ve some terrific mushrooms cropping up around the house, a benefit of infrequent lawn mowing due to heat and humidity.

Unrelated, I’m putting the latest R.Ring record in the tops of 2023. It’s a whole mood and maybe stands out because it has like instruments and stuff.

It’s a journey that wants your attention, so it’s not suited for background music. It’s for driving around dusk and taking the back roads because highways are dumb.

Link to stream below!

I was going to put a disclaimer that this is a good example of why I don’t write album reviews, but I also have a new goal not to apologize for trying.

Such fortunes

A box of goods arrived from the family farm, including bread and butter pickles, pickled beets and apple butter to round out a host of veggies.

I was going to say I was lucky to receive this but it goes beyond that and deeper into the proverbial soil. I’m thankful to have a generous family (many with green thumbs)… for the land and wherewithal to bring this bounty to fruition… and the talent to transform.

Life never gave us lemons

Apparently a lemon is not naturally occurring and is a hybrid developed by cross breeding a bitter orange and a citron.

Life never gave us lemons; we invented them all by ourselves.


Another mural, different strip mall

A new mural from Artworks is emerging on the backside of Nordstrom Rack along the awkward alley in Rookwood Commons. This is a great opportunity for art where there was once just sadness. Folks often zip back behind these buildings and I’d like to think this might inspire some slower speeds. (One can hope, but speed bumps are likely more effective.)

I’ve never seen this stage of a mural process up close. It’s neat to see the numbered grid that enables scaling the artwork.

This particular piece has a slight Paul Harris / Girl Scouts vibe and I think it’s lovely so far. Another view with more progress below.

In other news, I’ve been watching old performances of Sinéad O’Connor in the evenings — a few each night, almost ceremoniously like a wake.

When The Lion and the Cobra came out I was transfixed by the album. It was shockingly and refreshingly different in so many ways — elevating anger to some unfamiliar catharsis.

I’m sad she’s gone.

Mural in progress

It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever.

Kicked off the day with lunch at Café Alma, a fairly new Mediterranean restaurant in Pleasant Ridge that will inspire many return visits because the menu is so chock full of healthy comfort food.

Then a matinee of Barbie.

Joe and Mike understood the assignment and I lamented not owning anything pink.

The movie? It was a hoot — fast paced, dense with DayGlo visuals and a point of view. My only qualm was (and I don’t think this is much of a spoiler) calling out cellulite as a major awful thing.

That aside, I hope the movie does well, influences minds to be less awful and Issue 1 gets voted down in Ohio.

I know that last bit is a stretch but it’s all connected.