New Kroger sign

Kroger somewhat recently went through a big rebrand. New logo and tagline — the whole works. Let’s look back at what once was. Here’s the same sign snapped 4 years ago:

A Kroger sign

An old Kroger sign in Northside, Ohio

Still making mistakes

It was probably a Super Bowl commercial that planted the Doritos 3D seed. Then you couldn’t order them for pickup at the local grocery — they were like disinfecting wipes, you had to physically enter the store to get them.

The newness finally wore off and they were downgraded and available.

They taste exactly like Chili Cheese Fritos combined with Bugles.

Doritos 3D
Doritos 3D

The Strange Times

One of the bright spots over this past year has been getting good mail. In particular, regular updates of The Strange Times by Grace which traveled across the ocean and ended up in my mailbox.

That is, until some point right before the election when my street address has been deemed invalid. Personal letters are now sent back with a yellow sticker that reads “RETURN TO SENDER, NO SUCH STREET, UNABLE TO FORWARD.”

I’m sorry for all the returned Christmas cards. I really don’t know how to fix this.

Back to the good stuff. Each issue of this zine is dense with relevant think pieces like: Residents of what was Columbus to receive free supply of ‘Donkey Sauce’; Nature is healing, we are the virus; This food is not what I requested; mixed with virtual office games, Coronavirus Bingo and Horoscopes.

So I tip my hat to Grace. And extra thankful she was able to forward to my secret address I will not reveal for security reasons.

Ohio Museums Association Award Winners

I helped the American Sign Museum put together a print piece to support the future of this most excellent destination in the city. They’ve got some grand ideas to expand the space and programs and I folded it all together, celebrating their heritage and presenting their vision of the future.

It came together wonderfully and Arnold Printing made it come to life perfectly. Enough so that we won an award!

They asked for a photo and though it might seem like we’re all standing together in celebration, that’s simply the magic of Photoshop.

I would also like to mention that I thought this was a black tie affair but I was mistaken.

This used to be my U-Haul

I move with some regularity, but never too far it seems.

I’m a stickler for packing things up. I tend to get all supplies from U-Haul. They have nice boxes, blank newsprint and speciality packaging for dishes and whatnot. I like the file boxes with handles and lids. (You can get these anywhere.) They’re the perfect size for most everything and great for books because boxes can’t get too heavy and overloaded.

I always liked the shape of this particular building. It seems like it won’t be empty for long.

A day of deliveries

Food got dropped off for the Duvalls. My brother needed a package picked up off his porch. And Casey got a fancy new tv that is thinner than a phone and very large in all other dimensions. I almost had a heart attack trying to get it moved into position that thing was so delicate.

In other news, I don’t think I shall tire of photos inside of a car wash.

Two more shots from inside the wash

I touched a PS5

(It’s BIG! And kind of ugly!)

I haven’t been able to buy one, which is frankly good on a number of fronts. 1. Money in the bank. 2. It has helped me focus on many other things.

Besides? The games I really want to play aren’t out yet. (I’m looking at you Ratchet & Clank). But it’s nice to scratch the itch and touch someone else’s console… feel the new haptic controllers, see the smooth menus, upgraded graphics, and all the other jazz.

I am also trying to justify the inventory shortage: This is the summer of dancing, not video games.

(But if you have a leg up on a PS5, I will totally dance for you.)

The first shot

Driving over to the Cintas Center is when the feelings happened — so much gratitude and relief came forth in tears. Reflection of what was lost and what we are still losing.

By the time I entered campus I shifted into ‘get things done’ mode.

The flow of traffic into parking.
The queue for registration.
The line to get an initial dose of a vaccine.
The painless poke.
The waiting to ensure there was no bad reaction.
The walk back outside with a sense of hope.

A few more photos