America’s Next Great Food Cities

May kicks off and spring is in full effect. Walked to the bookstore to grab the latest copy of Food & Wine magazine and looked for the next book to read.

Their issue features America’s Next Great Food Cities and Cincinnati kicks off the piece—or maybe it just looks that way when viewing it the web page while in Ohio. The internet is terribly dynamic (and sometimes I wish it would simmer down).

Regardless of order, there are many great restaurants on their list—a handful get an enthusiastic nod and the rest have now been added to the list of places to try.

Other cities include: Boise, Idaho; Bozeman, Montana / Omaha, Nebraska / Biddeford, Maine / Indianapolis, Indiana / Charlottesville, Virginia / Jersey City, New Jersey / Tucson, Arizona / Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina

A magazine spread with a full page photograph of pastries and the accompanying text describing restaurants in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, a place for food

I cannot tip my hat enough

Store credit in hand, went up north to Liberty Township to pick up a new printer. To test the connection I tried printing this draft tweet and it worked—wirelessly—which is magic to me as I’ve only used cables for this feat.

Thought I’d dust off this notion to say thanks to everyone who reached out with support, texts, likes and emoji for my post about the checkup.

I cannot tip my hat enough.

If you’re ever in the area, let’s celebrate and bend elbows outside!

In other news, I’m going to miss that old Best Buy logo and signage.

A store front with the words BEST BUY in a big yellow sale tag at a jaunty angle
The old Best Buy signage
Old and new Best Buy logos
Old and new Best Buy logos

Also, did you know that e-ink doesn’t draw power? Once configured it remains in a particular state of display. I had no idea until Jasper mentioned it and then made the connection with the tags at Best Buy.

An e-ink price tag for a wireless HDMI adapter that costs $49.99
An e-ink price tag

DJ Graduates for the third time

Or if you count kindergarten and middle school I suppose it would be his fifth graduation.

He had a gathering to celebrate and I had my camera set on ISO 12000 or something. So every photo is blasted with noise but the thing is? The good vibe remains. One of his students made this delicious cake that was just the perfect amount of sweetness.

Got to chat with his friend Matt that just published Design After Capitalism and I had a million questions about the book industry and the process.

Since we were over on the west side, we thought we’d close out the night and try and snag an outdoor table at the Incline House.


The skyline of Cincinnati at night
Cincinnati from the west side

Dandelion eyes

Dropped off the car for service and walked an hour to get back home.

Caught sight of these dandelions on the way home and feel awful I can’t remember where I saw this idea before, but it’s not original.

I am remiss, but dang it brings out a giggle.

25 years later

My oncologist of almost two decades retired three years ago. Then a pandemic happened and I didn’t have a checkup for some time. (I know.)

My new oncologist ordered extensive tests to get a fresh snapshot of where I am with this, what I like to call a “touch of leukemia.”


So yeah, we’re entering my 25th year of Stage IV Leukemia/Lymphoma. I’ve managed to evade treatment so far. The procrastinator inside of me is thrilled and very, very grateful.

The whole reason we’ve avoided action all these years is twofold: I’m not really symptomatic and we’re hoping for advances in medicine.

It seems those advances are nigh. A new DNA test shows that my particular variety of cancer would respond extremely well to the latest treatments, possibly even full remission.

Also learned through bloodwork that I may not likely not fare well with Covid, even with vaccinations and boosters. My doctor recommended a new Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to tilt the odds favorably.

I’m like, give me all the drugs! So now we’ll run it through the insurance gauntlet and see what’s what. I’m honestly flabbergasted a test exists to determine risk and there’s medication to address it.

Ask your doctor about Evusheld. (Or share with someone who might be at higher risk.)

A dead cat & review of the Sony ZV-1

I got a new pocket camera—a Sony ZV-1 to replace an RX100 that’s been missing for five months. This timeframe lines up with a bunch of upheaval, so that tracks. It was a good camera that served me well for many years.

The ZV-1 shares many of the core components that I appreciated of the RX100—fast focus, a good sized sensor, articulating screen, and zoom lens. It leaves off the electronic viewfinder and replaces the metal body with plastic.

It’s geared more for content creators so it adds a few features like a better microphone (with detachable dead cat) and “Product Showcase” that will quickly shift focus between a face and a product so you don’t have to hold up your hand to defeat face detection, like so:

A person holds up a gray fluffy rectangle in front of their hand
Dead cat microphone cover from above

I’ve had many generations of RX100s and they consistently hit the sweet spot of size and image quality.

But after 29 days with this ZV-1, I realized a few things:

  • I’m not a content creator that needs vlogging tools. This camera isn’t for me.
  • When breaking out a cooler for the first time this year, low and behold my missing camera was in the pocket.
  • I had one day left to return it.

Something just didn’t sit right with the ZV-1. The articulating screen favors selfies where I prefer different articulation points that help with low shots or holding the camera overhead.

Everything just added up to “this isn’t for me” and thank goodness I found my old camera.


Aerogarden Day 1

Got the Harvest Slim version of this countertop hydroponic self-contained garden that grows six plants at once.

In roughly a month I should have some cilantro, basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, and mint. Not limited to season, in theory there can be fresh herbs year round.

The programmable LED lights stay on for 13 hours, the indicators on the front turn red if water needs topped off or plant food should be added.

Will report back.

A few updates to the theme

Kay has been making some updates to the site here. I should make a changelog but her GitHub Repository for the theme has this information and more.

The biggest changes:

Refactored navigation on posts to provide more context. Not sure these are in the right order, but the links to older/newer posts at the bottom of each post should be clearer.

Revised links. Links can now have links inside the description! Delicious and Pinboard had a simple description field of plain text. Now links here can include credit and provide related content. Also reformatted the links page big time to inherit new styling from the front of the site. Also added an automated tag cloud at the bottom instead of a curated list of 7 types.

Lots of little details won’t be immediately visible, but there will be more flexibility to design posts with WordPress Blocks in the future.

I don’t think Edie is excited by all this stuff as I am.