A spot to flourish

If I named the house plants I might call this fern Krystle Carrington because she really thrives in an 80’s bathtub. In other news, we toured a local gym yesterday and I think it might be a good fit. I desperately need some space and structure to find some new routines.

Artist Support Group

Met up with a group of artists to get feedback on a project I’ve been working on for a while and I left the session chock full of ideas to push things forward. Luckily I remembered to take notes.

A welcoming space for discussing and creating art, Wave Pool’s Artist Support Group gathers the first Saturday of every month in Camp Washington. I won’t lie, I was nervous heading over but that anxiety melted after hellos and it was an absolute delight. Highly recommend if you’re hankering for perspective when it comes to creative endeavors!

(Bonus: seeing the yellow table from People’s Liberty in a new home that puts it to good use at The Welcome Project.)

Here doing pleasant things

After the hike last weekend with the Urban Rangers I’ve been itching to get back outside and move around. I always seem to find an excuse though… It’s too chilly, or windy, or rainy — or some combination of all within the span of a hot minute.

But today there was no excuse. So I grabbed a book, ate lunch outside in Columbia-Tusculum, then headed for Alms Park to wander.

Watched small planes land at Lunken, found paths thanks to the AllTrails app — and used my phone to identify trees and birdsong, marveling at the AI that is already here doing pleasant things.

The Shoulder Seasons

I was chatting with Emily and she mentioned travel in the shoulder season — the period just before or after peak season. Where those land on the calendar is dependent on a particular region or climate.

Some say it’s called shoulder season because of the need for a scarf or shawl around the shoulders, while others believe that the term comes from being the “shoulders” of the peak period.

I prefer to believe both explanations can be true — because in this instance, a preference or belief doesn’t hurt anyone.

I made a diagram because there weren’t any good ones on the Internet.

diagram of shoulder seasons
The Shoulder Seasons

Anyway, I started to think about shoulder seasons in Ohio. I just had a friend out for a stay and I believe shoulder seasons are among the best times to visit the Midwest — you get all the spring flowers and trees in bloom, and then the fall foliage on the other side. Coupled with modern antihistamines? They’re lovely times.

Speaking of flowers, my brother dropped off a little vase with Lilacs and Lily of the Valley today. I keep moving it around the house to regard it in different light.

The thing about time

When we were at the Henry Ford Museum last week, a display with Swatch watches inspired a text with an old friend.

I was sure she had worn one of the Sir Swatches in middle school — turns out she bought one for her boyfriend.

She mentioned she had one of the clear ones. Back then it was called the Jellyfish. It’s been updated slightly and is now the Clearly Gent.

I picked one up for her birthday (and I’m fairly confident she doesn’t read this journal). So I snuck it out of the packaging for a photo before wrapping it up.

The thing about time? It can be so fuzzy or crisp… and sometimes both!

Future gym or something

I wasn’t surprised that Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy this week. Between the death of department stores and malls thanks to a combination of the Internet and private equity, the days were numbered.

It didn’t help that the store wasn’t a particularly great destination for the bedroom, bathroom or beyond. I’d go there from time to time looking for something specific and it was always a let down.

I figure if they had the ability to pivot and just sell all the stuff from Instagram ads they’d be able to exist for a few more years.

Today’s song is thanks to Brooklyn Vegan’s reporting: XTC’s Andy Partridge forms new group 3 Clubmen

Onion volcano eruption

Celebrating with family at Benihana!

We got there super early and filled up a table. All my photos are blurrier than this one.

It’s been so long since I’d been here — I kept noticing all the little differences… grape tomatoes in the salad and replacing the ginger sauce with double Yum Yum sauce for the meal (sacrilege!). But other than that? It was just as it was, with maybe a musty smell covered up by Pine Sol that quickly dissipated once the grill was fired up.

I never remembered a dress code. It was featured prominently in the reservation process.

The Benihana Dress code

The Oakley Hike with Urban Rangers

Met up with the Urban Rangers for a hike. We started in Oakely, popped on a bit of Wasson Way, dove into the woods to Ault Park, then looped around through a bit of Hyde Park to end up where we started.

All said in done, it was about 6 miles and kicked my butt in the most invigorating way. Learned lots of secret paths in the neighborhood found the whole thing pretty dang awesome.

Monochromatic dinner

Fishsticks and mac and cheese for dinner is pretty awesome, but when you add hush puppies from the air fryer it’s a whole nother level.

This alone could have been the highlight of the day, but that happened at midnight when Kesha dropped two songs off her upcoming album. They’re a mood because she’s still embroiled in a legal battle with her ex music producer that still publishes her music, but they’ve got hooks that seep in.