So happy to get the chairs, cushions and lights back out for spring. It feels official now.

In other commentary, this image reminds me that either the barstools need to go, or they need a real bar to pony up to…


I’m sparing viewers the rest of the outfit.


I thought things were getting blurry, and the optometrist agreed that my prescription could use an adjustment. Thing is, I could either get bifocals, or simply remove my glasses when using the computer — which is confusing, but works.


hello for the first time

Thanks to modern technologies, I’m more in touch with old friends than ever before. I dig this, because I’m not good with phone calls and holiday cards. So when I heard my friend Gretchen had her first child, I zipped down to say howdy.

She and Sean had a healthy baby boy.

virtual hellos

This week marked the first time I got to chat with SwissMiss proper.

I feel like she’s an old friend after years of emailing and linking, but it was sweet to finally wave at each other and hear her accent, even virtually.

She invited me to sit in through videoconference on one of the Creative Mornings she helps organize up in NYC. Extra bonus? The speaker today was Armin Vit who has established some of my favorite destinations online.