White Castle construction

I’m not even gone a week and my route to work is already changing with new sights.

Take for instance this White Castle that is popping up quite quicklike. I’ve never seen one quite like this.

I’m diggin the new materials, though I hope they don’t paint it bright white at the end.

It’d be even neater if they didn’t use the new logo.

full circle

Back through Heathrow for the way home. My favorite bit of the travel were these humongous transports between terminals. Very Hoth-like or something.

Got home without a hitch.

Anyway, the music festival was bang-on awesome. I’ve tons of pics but quite the sleep deficit. I’m going to work on that right now.

the end of the show

ATP ended. I’ve piles of photos to sort through, but first… the long return.
Looking mighty forward to coming home, but very happy to have made this journey.

fry up

Did the fish and chips thing last night.
Peas on the side.

Slept like a log and had this “fry up” for breakfast.
Absolutely delicious.