What one might expect

Already I’ve kicked off the year with cute puppies. I suspect this year will also be filled with more photos of cats and dogs, chickens, toys, barns, cars, smiling faces (I hope), stuff from the studio, and some travel to boot.

On that last note, I’m excited to be heading out to the Alt Design Summit in Utah next week with Wendy from Wire & Twine.

In the meantime, I have to find some cheap ski pants.

New camera: Lumix GF1

For Christmas I was super duper lucky to get this new shooting rig: a Panasonic Lumix GF1 (with 20mm f/1.7 lens). It has a lot in common with the Canon 5D Mark II I’ve been using the past few years, but it’s a fraction of the size.

I’ve been using it about a week now, and I’m still gobsmacked by the quality, feel, and ability to stuff it in my pocket.

I was hoping to find some way to recommit to daily photos in 2011, and this is totally going to make it fun.

The first photo, also a selfie:

Man takes selfie with digital camera

American Can Factory

This project has been in the works for years, but it’s finally coming to fruition.

I’ve always loved this building in Northside. It’s great to see it find new life.

According to Building Cincinnati: “The American Can building, built in 1921, is a nearly unaltered building in the Commercial Style and was home to one of the nation’s largest can manufacturers, employing as many as 1,000 people by the early 1950s. The building is the 29th site to be named a Local Historic Landmark (in Cincinnati).”

The project also received stimulus funds and Vice President Biden visited a few years back.

More about that story and the developers on Soapbox Cincinnati.

Taking the ornaments down

Oh how I’m ready to retire the holiday themed photos, but alas, the remnants lived on. I did finally get the tree down and ornaments packed away.

Got rid of the original ornament boxes I’ve been keeping in favor of a single wine case box with some tissue paper in between each ornament. It halved my storage needs. Score.

Though I’ll be picking needles out of crevices for the next year, putting up a tree  is still totally worth it.

Rosemary in repose and cone, Daisy on pillow

The new year kicked off and I was still in Dayton.

Popped over to an open house and had sauerkraut and pork which, according to tradition, means the year will be filled with fortune and luck.

I needed no traditions to sample the pecan pie. Everything was delicious, and the dogs of the house were pretty darn adorable.

Two more shots of the pups, plus a sunset for the drive home

The last day of 2010

There was Pictionary.

And even more Pictionary. I’d just like to take this opportunity to whine that I never got to draw.

Gabe cuts into roast beef while the winter vegetables hang out in the background.

We played an old game of Charades from 1968. It had gems like: “A man says what he knows, a woman says what will please.”

So Mad Mannian.

A few more shots from the evening


Tom’s been wanting drums for 10 years or so.

In fact, the studio was supposed to house such musical instruments originally, but the press took over.But this year he’s been taking lessons and it was time to make them materialize.So for Christmas he got this sweet vintage Ludwig set with a natural finish. Restored with love by Revival Drum Shop out in Portland.

I’d like to mention that I was quietly reading at my desk, Tom snuck upstairs and started banging out some beats and scared the crap out of me.

I gave him the evil eye.