the ceiling at the japanese joint


My friend “The Brown” is giving me angst about the boring content of my images this week.
All I can say is, a dull week visually means I’m probably a little busy on the work side of things.
Such is the the case here.

waiting for takeout

J. Alexanders Bar

Splurged on lunch today, picking up a bunch of veggie burgers
and salads from J. Alexanders for everyone at the studio.
(They make the absolute best veggie burgers)
I sat there watching the cable news on TV in a bit of a dazed
disbelief while waiting for the to-go order.


Car washes are like haircuts in that feel good way.
Unless something horribly goes wrong and your bangs are crooked,
or your ride gets scratched.
But for the most part,  feel good.



A few times a year, I pull an all-nighter.
I like doing this for some strange reason.
A combination of a goal and adrenaline.

After 2.5 hours of sleep and a healthy set of concepts delivered,
I operated heavy machinery to get something to eat, some caffeine.

Passed this character on the way home.