System All Normal

After scouring this photo at high resolution, I’m fairly confident this box manages security systems.

Whenever I see wires and chips and control panels such as this, I can’t shake the thought of Fembots from Bionic Woman.

This is my reality TV

I can’t chastise others for watching any show on MTV or The Real Housewives of Wherever because I probably spend an equivalent amount of time playing videogames. Well, probably not, but still.

My current obsession is Donkey Kong Country Returns. (Amazon | Wikipedia | Official Site)

Took me a while to get used to the mechanics, graphic style and animations, but eventually got hooked on the level design. I won’t lie, having the “Super Guide” (like in the latest Marios) take over when I was about to give up helped tremendously in a few levels.

I finished the main game last night but I’m not ready to let go yet as I don’t have a replacement. (Sidenote: if you’re into collecting stuff and opening up all the levels, prepare to get lots of replay value.)

Nice work from Retro Studios (who previously revamped Metroid with great success). More side-scroller platformers please!

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm (not starring Sigourney Weaver – though that movie has sweet Criterion Collection box art.)
rolled into Ohio along with February. I decided to hunker down in Dayton and as it would turn out, my home in Cincinnati pretty much escaped unscathed—nary accumulation of snow and just a bit of ice up north.

But I had fun as the cable went out along with the internet, praying the electricity would keep and taking brief jaunts outside to hear the cracking of ice weighing on trees.

The following morning I learned how to wield a chainsaw with purpose to chop back the thick limbs that blocked the driveway. No one was hurt (including myself) and for this I am glad

Crystal Memories

Above? Some sort of Moog Synthesizer.
I’ve pronounced this brand of device wrong all these years, only to find out it really doesn’t matter, kind of…
Video: How to pronounce Moog.

Our quartet assembled in a basement and recorded improvisational songs.
Someone threw out a name for the band, “Crystal Memories.”
Though it didn’t really stick, no one came up with anything better.
There were enough tracks to fill an EP.
One was about Epididymitis. Another was about being manly.
I forget what the other ones were called.
This is probably best.