I don’t know the plural of Yaris


Anyway, the point of this entry into the album has some significance.

Sure it was a big day—shopping for cars with my mom in the middle of a heat emergency. We walked from lot to lot, ignored by many salesman, hassled by others, and looked at, sat in or test drove just about every entry level vehicle out there.

And all the while I took exactly one photo… with my phone no less.

It was so awful that I revisited that first Toyota lot two weeks later and remade a snapshot proper to represent the day.

I really should schedule some time with my therapist to talk about this… obsession to make with a daily photo.

Anyway, I feel so guilty about it, here’s the dud that caused all this angst:


So the reunion turned out to be a blast.

Balloons from a company picnic

And a very stoic cat.

At this point I’m wondering if I just need to break off and start a pet photography photoblog.

Shredded paper

While transferring recyclables to a trash bag to take down to the recycling center, everything fell on the floor.

Cans and cardboard aren’t much of a bother, but when this shredded paper went everywhere I grumbled loudly. Tom caught me and said, “Save that for the compost pile!” and I gathered it up and realized I liked how it looked.

And that’s the story of that.

Trying to look presentable

This is the result of me trying to get presentable for my High School Reunion. I don’t know if the event should be capitalized, but with 20 years gone by, it seems That Important.

So I took, oh, an inch off the bottom of the beard as I heard there was going to be tight security at the Anderson Bar & Grill, and I wasn’t in the mood for any mistake I was a terrorist.

This photo is also revealing in that you can see I take pills out of their crappily designed packages and place them in clear bottles with caps. Yes, I know expiration dates are important, but I don’t believe in those any more than that nonsense about leaves not being able to turn their leaves over before a rainstorm.

You can also deduce that I take Advil gelcaps more than anything, and never take my daily vitamin.

Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

Watched the game catching up with my friends Jodi and Nick. And though I keep taking casual pictures of the pair, I never review properly and don’t notice the shots are too blurry until I get home.

I’m blaming the beer.



A day when things are pleasantly quiet and the most visually interesting thing that happens is when the elements heat up in the toaster while preparing a tuna salad sandwich.