CAC Opening

Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center was opening its doors at a new location, designed by architect Zaha Hadid. This was a very big deal in the city. Looking back at these photos, I think some codes were broken with how many people you can fit in a space!

There was an exhibit where you could get in a hot tub. That water looks GROSS!

Then we went to Benihana!

Kate’s Birthday

I’m pretty sure I’m the one that forces all my friends to go to Benihana, even for THEIR birthday.

IDIO photoshoot

I don’t remember why we decided to take a group shot. Maybe we were working on an update to our studio website? Anyway, I have a whole series of these images of trying to get a decent picture.

Things were a lot harder when all you had were film camera, an APS camera in this case.

A woman in a red shirt
A man in slacks dances