Lists and Notes

Going through a phase of making lists to get things accomplished. It’s kind of working as long as they don’t get buried under notes.

Mazda’s reluctance to touch screens

I read about the upcoming Outback competitor from Mazda and was keen check out the interior (and headroom).

Mazda’s a holdout in the automaker landscape, minimizing integration of touchscreens and keeping physical controls for most major functions. (more info)

Aside from that stance, they are on trend with flat, desaturated paint schemes.

As for this CX-50, my hair touched the lip of the sunroof so I don’t think it’ll work for me*… though I am debating just shaving my head.

* I’m 6’5″

A Mazda CX-50 station wagon / suv in Zircon Sand Metallic paint
Zircon Sand Metallic CX-50


Things I learned after cutting these up to save the turtles: Six-pack rings (or yokes) began in St. Louis, Missouri in 1960 (wikipedia).

Wave Pool Pool Party

Helped out at the welcome tent for this years Pool Party and Parking Lot Art Fair for Wave Pool. It was threatening to rain most of the day but held off to the last hour.

I also took some drone footage but had my first crash with the thing. Luckily the drone was insured but I forgot the memory card when I sent it in for repair. (Luckily they’re in touch and fingers crossed I get it all back.)

Parts of a staircase

Snapped this photo as the evening light cut across the stairs. I was going to title the post spindles but decided to find out what exactly those vertical pieces are called and now I know they’re balusters. (Spindles rest on a horizontal rail.)

Learned lots of new words in the process.

Diagram of stair parts including Inner string (closed), Outer string (open), Tread, Riser, Newel post, Balusters, Banister (or handrail), Return nosing, Fascia, Landing, and Curtail

Eastgate Mall

I wanted to sit in cars to test out headroom and ended up on the east side of Cincinnati near an old stomping grounds of youth.

Eastgate Mall was the cool mall with arcade and movie theater. We didn’t go often but it was always fun when it happened. While mom was in the Regis hair salon I’d spend a few dollars at Aladdin’s Castle, grab something sweet at Orange Julius and wander around KB Toys, Waldenbooks, Camelot and Tapeworld until her perm set.

Like most malls, this one is now withering away and bankrupt—awaiting redevelopment.

Wandered around what was left and didn’t buy a darn thing.

Not even a pretzel.

Images of Eastgate Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio

Stores remaining: American Eagle Outfitters, Auntie Anne’s , Bath & Body Works, Claires, Dakota Watch Company, Dash Cellular, Dillard’s Clearance, Discovery Zone, Finish Line, GNC, Hot Topic, JC Penney, JC Penney Portraits, JC Penney Salon, Journeys, Kay Jewelers, Kohl’s, LensCrafters, Lids, Men’s Wearhouse, Rue21, Spencer’s, Supercuts, Timewarp Cards & Comics, White Barn, Yankee Candle

Magical friendship

I am now acknowledging this photo journal is partially dedicated to things that will no longer exist. Like this tabloid in the checkout lane.

Other major categories will continue to include pets and food.

A Busken donut and muffin case inside a grocery store

St. Francis Apizza

Ended the week with a treat, trying St. Francis Apizza for the first time. Nicely charred, fresh ingredients and some kick on the right side. Get side sauces for dipping the crust.

Left: Specialty Pizza – Mozzarella, pecorino romano and grana padano, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, roasted local shishito peppers, local sweet corn, red onion, CinSoy chili crisp and fresh local basil to finish

Right: Erie Ave – Pepperoni, pickled jalapeño peppers, hot honey, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano and grana padano, chile flake, fresh local basil to finish.

A pizza box with an illustration of a pie with a hand holding a basic leaf with the words ST FRANCIS APIZZA along the top and bottom

Rivian in the wild

Been keeping my eyes peeled for this electric truck with low expectations for a sighting. (It’s the one back there with the vertical turn signal.) Rivian has only delivered around 2000 vehicles to consumers as of May. (They’re also busy making vans for Amazon.)

Dig their exterior design and colors. Plus also? Zachariah Ohora drew up a fun character that pops up if tomfoolery is detected around the truck.