College Hill Station

In place of a Kroger in College Hill they’re building 171 apartments, retail space, and a big parking lot. It’s called College Hill Station.

For no reason, this is the most interesting thing I snapped a photo of today, but it was a very dense day (It marked my first totally vaccinated.) I have a draft to sum up the moment proper, but this snapshot felt too disjointed and honestly? It’s hard to write it out.

A new building under construction

Art by Brian Elston

Back in the late 90’s I worked at an old warehouse in downtown Cincinnati with a dozen folks and we made websites. We had one of those elevators with the exposed scissor gates, desks made out of doors on sawhorses, and fresh fruit almost every afternoon at 3pm—that time of the day when you need a break from screens and everything.

I consider these years among my favorites as we tried to strike a balance between work and fun. Sometimes? We succeeded!

Brian Elston was a part of our crew and he always brought a sharp angle to whatever problem was at hand. He approached solutions from a human perspective. His needle leaned toward artist, but he has an inherit sensitivity to design as a practice.

Recently I had the thought: I need more art in my life and he had this painting that spoke to me.

I love getting really close in and finding an infinite number of compositions.

You can see more of Brian’s art at his website.

Abstract painting detail
Abstract painting detail
Abstract painting detail

Late afternoon reflection

Worked out with Larry virtually in the morning in a chilly room. (It snowed a bit overnight…) We’re starting to see some limits of my resistance bands and dumbbells (I’m getting slightly “stronger.”) One thing that never fails to break me? Push-ups.

Dag I loathe those.

I do them begrudgingly because all said and done? Physical exertion is the easily one of the best things for mind and spirit.

The snow eventually melted by afternoon, and the sun was shining through the studio and I took this smudge filled reflection on the monitor.

I still loathe push-ups.


Today I:

  1. Had Zooms with folks in Ireland for some projects.
  2. Photographed Paul’s Boutique for the favorites section. Above? An outtake of the glorious rainbow on the spinner.
  3. Watched the Apple event where they introduced AirTags, a purple iPhone (mom would have dug that!), kind of pretty new colorful iMacs and an impressive upgrade to the iPad Pro. All these things are lovely and cute and probably awesome, but no, I need none of these things.
  4. And though it is a holiday of sorts, I did not toke up but how much easier would it be if I just made post titles the date?
Apple announces their new iMacs as seen streaming on an iMac Pro on a messy desk

Mash Roots Mofongo Bar

New food joint up in College Hill called Mash Roots. They bill it as a mofongo bar. What is mofongo? “A a Puerto Rican dish with fried plantains as its main ingredient.”

My friend Joe raved about it and it took a while but the stars aligned for lunch takeout, and it was GOOOOOD (with three extra O’s.)

I did the Yuca base for my steak bowl but will likely try sweet potato next time. The Avocado Lime sauce was exceptionally good. I chose wisely with the vinagrete vegetables to top it all off. My only other recommendation is to get a side of the sweet plantains.

Thumbs up.

Latin takeout food, shot from above.

See something different

It’s fun trying to figure out these doubled images and try and eek something out of the mundane. They’re not terribly successful, but that’s fine. I’m still learning what kind of works.

Also turning around in the noggin: Once the second dose of the vaccine sets in, I’m trying to figure out an approach to all the stuff, and by stuff I mean doing things.

I will err on the side of caution in situations unknown, attempting to summon a calm confidence and avoid coercion.

All of this has nothing to do with a photo of a well maintained AMC Eagle mashed up with an image of a tree in spring – but it’s on my mind – along with travel. It’s all interconnected: shake things up, go somewhere, take reasonable precautions, see something different.

Original Images

Reasons to like wasps

This wasp dropped from the air and on to my desk — moving carefully, slowly. I imagined it wasn’t much long for this world, so I took it outside. I then searched to find out the purpose of wasps and read this article: Reasons to Like Wasps. Aside from pollinating they also provide pest control, feeding on flies, spiders and other arthropods.

This is the most exciting thing that happened today.

Original Images

Dojo’s Baked Popups

Dojo Gelato has been hosting Doug (from Take the Cake fame) on Sundays for a baked goods popup. Biscuit sandwiches, kolaches, schnecken, croissants and then some. Best way to get alerted to these is through their Instagram account.

I got the ham biscuit and a blueberry schnecken. Both were incredibly good. Yup, bold and italic good.

Ham Biscuit and Blueberry Schnecken
Ruff Rider sundae ingredients
The feature sundae in memory of MF Doom