Photos I didn’t use in the journal.

January - April 2007



01/01 : Olds

tree sunset

01/12 : Tree, sunset

coffee cream

01/21 : I like my sugar with coffee and cream


02/01 : The place where we buy blank shirts

screen test

0305 : Cincinnati Transit Map test felt
(you see a little Make It Work on the flipside seeping through)

human alphabet

03/07 : Human alphabet. Note the 'M' and 'V'


03/29 : Not my photo (here's the original), but I was having an online conversation about Moo cards.

cross, cell tower

04/02 : Cross, mobile phone tower

New Richmond home

04/05 : A Google Map - Where I grew up.


04/06 : (just a little) Snow in April!


04/06 : I swear, it really seemed snowier

DANA truck

04/11 : I've been snapping semis on the road. They usually have great identities, but the
shiny NEW logorot is creeping in. Expect more shots of this ilk illustrating this point.

Hamilton, OH

04/13 : Hamilton, OH


04/15 : Weaver Chapel pews. Another year for the Gabrieli Festival.


04/15 : Van at Wittenberg U







That's it.





There are other photos here.