Independence Day Parade 2004
Apple Pie. Check.
I made eggs, and took a blurry photo of them.
I thought a nice variation on a red, white, and blue floral arrangement.
Waiting for the parade to start, or, staying behind the chalk line.
arrow Future Hornblower of America.

Throwing candy for the American Sign Museum.
The most excellent float of the American Sign Museum.
A bug.
Some political thing. + ZOOM IN
The Men’s Drill Team
Honey (the restaurant) had a crew on hand.
Northside Ladies Lawn Chair Brigade + ANOTHER PHOTO
i can do that
arrow Yeah, I Can Do That! These are the fellas that did the awesome job with my mom’s kitchen.
Their website should be online soon.
Lil firetruck
Lil cycle
Our mayor and his momma.
Northside Greenspace (Yay! Hippy!)
Folks for peace passed out flyers (and had a big duck?)
You can't read it, but one of the signs says, "Question Consumption" - I add these to give you a flavor for the community, and why I love it so.
The Ten Years Late Scooter Club. [ website ]
Big smile
Representing the Community Gardens at Village Green.
arrow Detail
arrow More bubblemakers.
Lucky Rocks
arrow Appreciation from Lucy Rocks
Lucky Rocks
arrow Group shot!
A moment where I wonder, maybe I should let people know I'm taking the picture...
arrow We ended the day having mojitos with fresh mint. Yummy.

Then some watermelon to finish it all off.


I also took pictures of the same parade back in 2004.