2006 Auto Show
February 24 - Cincinnati, OH
aveo aveo
Chevy redesigned the Aveo after 3 years on the market.
I liked the old one better.
chevy concept chevy concept
We don't get the new concept cars. This Chevrolet SS from 2003 holds up well though. The shiny metal back was lookin a little dinged up though.
For a sports car with a back seat however, I think they (were) on to something.
HHR Corvette
The HHR screamed, we need to compete with the PT Cruiser.
Corvette, a big yawn in any color.
Chrysler concept Chrysler concept
Some dumb old Chrysler concept.
With a bunch of LED tailights.
Ford Edge Ford Edge
Ford, redefining the minivan with the "Edge". Which doesn't look half bad from the side.
I'm not sure the new signature “chrome” grille is of the right proportion on this beast.
Fusion GT
I suppose this Fusion is a bit more adventurous than the 500. It's a step in the right direction for Ford.
The GT still makng the rounds.
Jeep Gladiator honda Odyssey
The Jeep Gladiator looked a bit too stretched. I can only say the name with a Molly Shannon imitating Liz Taylor inflection.
Neatest accoutrement? The sunglass holder of the Honda Odyssey with built in kid mirror. It locked into place offering a view of the back seat. In fact, the Odyssey was a wealth of little nifty details.
Infiniti Infiniti
arrow Speakers on the top of the front seats in this Inifiniti.
arrow Faux wood and faux i-Drive courtesy of Infiniti.
Infiniti FUR!
arrow Infiniti guages. Very bright.
arrow Shopping in the Jaguar section.
Saab LR3
arrow Saab thing.
arrow LR3 dash. Pretty much what I consider excellent. Too bad about the gas mileage though. Perfect for hybrid future.
Tahoe Yaris
arrow The Chevy Tahoe can fold t-shirts at the touch of a button.
arrow Inside the Toyota Yaris (more photos a few rows down)
Camry Camry
arrow The new Camry looking damn fine.
arrow Much better than the current version.
avalon FJ
arrow The Toyota Avalon interioir had nice tones, but I'm curious if all those little doors covering up the controls sacrifices form over function. They looked donkey when open.
arrow I was really looking forward to seeing the FJ, but when all's said and done, it seemed like a cramped interior with bad gas mileage and big honking blind spots.
Prius interior Yaris sedan
arrow The Prius interiro was a bit too shiny plastic for me, but the double glovebox was nifty. This was my first chance to sit in this Toyota hybrid, and the verdict: I don't fit.
arrow The Yaris has a sedan version, but the hatchback is cooler and has a better front end design.
Yaris Yaris
arrow Toyota Yaris. My pick for economy ride.
arrow The rear view.
Volvo Eos
arrow Volvo has this interesting console that is a floating plane. Very interesting, but you'd think there'd be cupholders behind it.
arrow The VW Eos. Or, the Flintstones car wherein I look like Dino getting hit by bugs as my head sticks over the roofline.
arrow Inside the Golf... I wonder what the star button does... Of all VW interiors, the Golf has been spared all the horrible, horrible fake chrome.
arrow Finally, we get the updated Golf/GTI. The honeycomb texture seems like a nightmare for dirt.

So that's that. Related link: Photos from the Columbus Auto Show two years ago.