Independence Day Parade 2004
Lemonade, and dill dip from scratch with homegrown snap peas.
Yankee Doodle?
I have no idea who these folks are, but they were amicable, if not pasty.
This fella deserved a movie, he was so animated. Damn Sony and their proprietary memory stick technology that costs too much.
Wigs galore, um, I think.
Cool car #1
Bliss Art Group (website)
Royalty of some sort.
Cincinnati has a wrestling group of some sort. It's official– they have belts.
The Ten Years Late Scooter Club. (website)
Zins Plumbing. (The shower really worked)
A local arts organization, I didn't get a photo of their name.
Talmadge of the Community Block Watch
Same sex marriage
The PantsOnFire float was present! (website)
This thing really looks better at night.
Cool car # 2
The Men's Drill Team
Ladies Auiliary Lawnchair Brigade
Ladies Auiliary Lawnchair Brigade #2
Northside Tavern
Someone did a great job on this car. The sign said, "Had a great time!! See you in 2021"

The gang hanging out afterward on the porch.


I also took pictures of the same parade in the future two years.