How to be a writer on a marketing team without sounding like a jerk

”How would you tell your best friend about it?” and oodles of other good nuggets from Matt Haughey.

How to be a writer on a marketing team without sounding like a jerk

A Trail Tale

Andy Moliski is hiking the Appalachian Trail. With the help of his two brothers he's sharing the journey in real time through an amazing website that defies category. Be sure to check out the journal. / via Things to Click

Screengrab of a pixelated adventure with a bearded hiker walking through a lush small town

Imaginary Beverage Reviews

"Reviews of products that mostly do not exist..." as Kevin Fanning puts it, "This is so dumb, But maybe it’s not totally dumb?" (but it's also about just writing, you know, for fun.)

Don’t just write words

Write music.

A screen grab of an instagram post that encourages writing sentence of varying lengths

Write to find out.

"When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know." - James Baldwin. This and more ruminations on writing by the late author. / via @voicesandnoises

A black and white photograph of James Baldwin

Alt text for images

I had questions how to approach writing alt text for images. The internet had answers.

A snippet of the decision tree to write better alt text for images

Good Conflict

Sarah Schulman is a playwright , an author, and a queer activist. She is also a professor of creative writing, and once, a number of years ago, she learned that…

Black and White photograph of protest in favor of women's health

Writing letters can improve your day

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but writing letters can improve your day. ✨

Writing Prompt Generator, Dangerous Mode

Don’t stop writing, or all progress will be lost! / via Jessica Jones, not that one with a reminder from DJ

Guide to Internal Communication, the Basecamp Way

Writing solidifies, chat dissolves. Substantial decisions start and end with an exchange of complete thoughts, not one-line-at-a-time jousts. If it's important, critical, or fundamental, write it up, don't chat it down. / via onfocus

Write Daily

7 days of prompts to inspire writing

How to Write a Blog Post – Rands in Repose

Randomly think of a thing. Let it bump around your head a bit. If the bumping gets too loud, start writing the words with the nearest writing device. See how far you get.

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

I've not heard of this MasterClass before now, but it looks very well put together.

South Park Writers Share Their Writing Rule #1

“but” and “therefore”

On writing post-fatherhood

I don't have kids, but I think there's value in this notion to not give up on The Thing

Writing Your Way to Happiness

The research wonders if you refine your personal narrative, can you change your behaviors. I think most definitely, you can. At least enough to believe it. / via NextDraft

Book review: On Writing Well

"Writing is rewriting." Communicatrix has unknowingly given me something to read next.

Writing good alt text

Something I need to work on... (via feaverish)

November is National Novel Writing Month

For the wordsmiths, get crackin

Cake Writing Generator

No icing required

George Orwell: 12 Writing Tips

Never use a long word where a short one will do. (via crioknight)

How to concentrate on writing

Helpful tips. Now if I could only get up earlier... (via signal vs. noise)


Distraction free writing for Mac OSX. Yay! Yay! Yay! I want all my applications to look like this. (via fraying)