things magazine

An long overdue addition to the feed reader.

Alfredo Cottin : Quieto

"Photos from the hip" (excellent category in a sea of many other great photographs)

The Museum of Kitschy Stitches

Both disturbing and engaging (via swiss miss)

Spaz Out New York

Trash parody of Pink is the new blog. Blast from the past = Slim Goodbody (via linkfilter)

344 Loves You

Daily Monster video 'blog (some nice process indeed, via zefrank)

Kiddley Links

This excellent kids site has linkages! (via wendy)

Brand New

Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work

Hope in 20 languages

I dig this handmade type on multi-colored panels thing (reminds me of Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief" which reminded me of Paula Scher's maps - and that likely reminded me of something else, it's all good) Be sure to check out more of the Typeforyou 'blog

Everyone Forever

Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke

And now the cartoon is funny (via alonso)

House Industries has a nice blog

AND a new woodgrain shoe they've teamed up with Medium Design Group to produce.


Beyond solid in all regard: Design, human being and passions. A powerful combo.

DDC logo

The Anchor Center

a videoblog featuring track reviews, band interviews and live performances in Cincinnati (via thepsychicpilot)

Little People

a tiny street art project (via linkfilter)

Steve Mack’s Spot Illustration

Never too many alphabets. Great blog format for these. (via swissmiss)

Design ‘blog guide

(via swissmiss)


a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements

a grid of squares blog

Use TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature

to Embed Tags in Your Blog Posts Without Editing HTML (and more "hacks" for TypePad)

Bloggers Give Credit, Journalists Typically Don’t

Another "to read" from Kottke,

Something Glorious

TypePad's been rotating their featured weblog more consistently, and things like this one surface often.


A (we)blog about social web design with minimalist design (via bryanj)


Andy Baio's blog has posts about making technology do things, but he also asks questions, digs for answers and shares what he finds. In addition to all that, he brings folks together with platforms and events and runs a list of links of great interest. A favorite perspective.


Oh Joy!

Weblog with categories like: 10 Reasons I Love, Designers + Artists, Sketchbook, and I Heart Bob (via kate)

The New York Times : Blogs 101

For those times when a new destination is in order (via kottke, sorta)


weblog from Benetton

I Blogged Andy Warhol

Taking Warhols journals and republishing them 29 years later. (via kate)

Seven rules for corporate blogging

Nicholas Carr picks on Microsoft blogger, but once you're past that perhaps well warranted pick, I think there's some good points to ponder for businesses who think they need a weblog

information aesthetics

a blog for creative information visualization


Email newsletters for weblogs


Ze is invariably up to something fun and good, unless that means updating a blog.

Zefranks not updated blog


A site of link-ity goodness with a design flavor (via swissmiss)

Old Grandma Hardcore

Grandma, the video-game playing queen of her age-bracket and weight class

BorgBlog ( blog)

Jim Borgman shows some process behind his editorial cartoons

Popular Transit: the story of a nerd who aspires to be a fashion designer

Diana Eng from Project Runway blogs (via Nayland B)


I've mentioned this site before in passing via, but never proper, until now. Excellent design/content.

Swiss Miss

Tina has been an inspiration well beyond her weblog of interesting finds around the web. But it's my first introduction to her and she's still at it and that makes me happy.

Swiss Miss weblog

Eye Level

Smithsonian American Art Museum... blog

Lifecycle of Bloggers

Coudal Partners

Not just a stream of links, a destination to celebrate books and

grab from the homepage


southern transplant turned design junky

The Sneeze

Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

3hive – sharing the sharing

A blog with links to available music files

New York Times Link Generator

Ironic Sans

David Friedman is a photographer who explores ideas far beyond the lens.

Grab from a blog called Ironic Sans


She lives in Los Angeles, where she where she is on her third Toyota Corolla and her fourth Administration.

A bear and a blog avatar

Cabel’s Blog LOL

Cabel works at a company I've long admired: Panic. He writes about technology, videogames, music, and fireworks.

A grab from Cabel's blog

Cap’n Design

Matt Jacobs makes websites for a living but writes about all sorts of things that happen in life. Some of it is about websites.

A screengrab of Matt Jacobs website

Shaun Inman

Designer and developer living and working out of Chattanooga, Tennessee

An orange weblog

Mike Davidson

Thoughts about technology and design and practical applications to boot!

screengrab of Mike Davidson's weblog from 2005

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting

Lots of neato stuff

Cool Hunting

Previously called "A Free Orange", but Nikhil is still collecting and sharing thoughts online! 🍊



A photoblog by Archie FlorCruz

Glorious Noise

Reviews and news of music. Rock and roll can change your life

Glorious Noise website grab from 2005

Weightshift Memo

Naz used to share thoughts about design and other aesthetic ephemera. This blog is retired but now he's got a new personal website up with essays.

weightshift website

Daring Fireball

John Gruber writes real good. Mostly about Apple things, but not always.

Daring Fireball logo


Obsessively covering the auto industry



A website featuring a comprehensive collection of emblems, car company histories, logos, reviews of typographical & graphical applications, design features and just about anything that is car related.



Patterns, wallpapers, icons

Pixel Decor


A guy named Jimbo in DC. Blogging about life. Thinking through things. Previously a park ranger.

Joe. My. God.

Stories about self-loathing, self-loving, family, drugs, sex, disease, and disco.

Joe My God blog byline