Martha Stewart, still blogging

Steady posting from her Ominmedia since 2007 in decidedly old school digs. I'd love to know the process behind it as her voice is present but she certainly can't be blogging!

Pink Azalea flower

Jason Kottke’s website is 25 years old

It’s a bright spot on the internet.

A photograph of a young man at a computer

Unsung Heroes

Here’s a great place to dive into Scott Bom’s personal website that has the best buckets of navigation and a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to delve into Documenting for a stream of inspiration and type releases. (But all sections are filled with goodness)

Screen printed posters with folks that change the world

A Blog by Cabel Sasser

Cabel has rebooted. There are snacks. 2023, the year of the blog???

Hostess Bouncers Glazed Twinkie variety


A fantastic growing directory of personal blogs organized by Phil Gyford. / as seen all over the feeds

Categories of blogs

Take care of your blog

"Your own private domain is the most valuable thing you can own." It's certainly up there! / via Belong

Titles to dozens of blog posts running together as sentences. The first one reads "Everything is worthy of your blog."

The eggs folder

Jon Hicks has been drawing his morning eggs on an iPad, and they're updated to his site with a series of steps he outlines in his journal. I am intrigued by processes that help capture ideas and store them online.

Seth Godin

Seth consistently writes about creativity, solving problems, considering technology, finding passion and executing on ideas. I'm often nodding vigorously at the end of every post.

A man with glasses looks up and out of the frame

Rob Weychert

Rob writes about the craft of technology, art, design, movies, music, the year that was, the future yet to be and he sometimes writes about air guitars.

Rob Weychert's weblog circa 2008

I never thought I’d say this, but…

A fun side site by Austin Kleon.

Never Thought I'd Say This


This mini-performance on Conan is so awesomely weird. / via Fimoculous


The weblog of found numbers

/ via MikeyBurton

the number 98 set in green san-serif type

Joel on (corporate) Blogging

This excerpt culled by adm on Fimoculous is a great entry to the entire piece.

The Death Of The Blog Post

I think the folks at Smashing Magazine must have the biggest monitors in the entire world.


It's nice to see the other side of FAIL get some love.


I thought I'd seen this site before, but I don't remember it being so darn pretty. The scans of sandwiches on a dark background works very well. (via 37s)

A scanned sandwich. Looks to be a rueben

My milk toof

What happened to the baby teeth under your pillow (via Ze)

We Love You So

Established to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make the Where the Wild Things Are movie a reality.

Let’s be friends

Animals being all huggy and stuff. (via Feaverish)

The Optimist Conspectus

The Optimist Conspectus is simply a survey of optimism; a series of answers to a deceptively-simple question: What are you optimistic about? (saw this on Twitter, can't backtrack the truncated URL)

Swissmiss freshens up

and the new digs look lovely (with new views and awesome search)

Darden Studio : A note on the type

Lovely typeface studio in Brooklyn. Visual goodness on the weblog, big thumbs up on the white gloves, content, presentation. Fun t-shirts there to boot. (via

Darden Type Blog

Speaking of ‘blog pimping… From Bottle 2 Box

Amy up the street (if laws were different, we'd almost be related) started a 'blog about life, raising kids, saving money, and switching from bottled wine to boxed. I'm not only super-enjoying her perspective -- I'm learning stuff to boot.

Networked Music Review (NMR)

A research blog that focuses on emerging networked musical explorations.

Stuff White People Like

This came up in conversation last night, so I'm sharing as a reminder.


It's almost the end of February, and Naz almost did not release a new personal site or redesign. Rest assured, his new digs at NZRN are pretty like his entire body of work. All whipped together with this TextPattern I hear so many good things about.

Frank Chimero

Maker of exceptionally thoughtful design

Frank Chimero's weblog

The FAIL Blog

Failure is the new LOLcat.Thanks Metafilter and Feaverish

Font & Order

Grace Dobush is able to spot Friz Quadrata (The Law & Order font) at 50 paces. It is her blessing and her curse. Via a monkey, who called it in

3191 a year of mornings

Stephanie and Mav live 3191 miles apart. They like to get up early. They also take photos, share them, pair them up, and share them again with us.

Local Girl’s day in pictures

A refreshing twist on recounting the days. Best part (right after the drawings and writing) is the swear filter (via Drawn!)

one cold hand?

a site for the collection and hopeful reunion of Pittsburgh's lost gloves (clever and very well done, via Tom)

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Seen the bear image around. Love them all (via feaverish)

Movable Type: The Communities That Web 2.0 Forgot

MT launches community solution. Watching screencast now.


Visual/Posterblog. Via - did you see their latest coin flip for Layer Tennis today? Another kick ass one.

Things Magazine

Occasional weblog about objects, collections and discoveries

Things Magazine grab of website circa 2007

I met Andrew Huff

among other fantastic people this weekend. But I've never stalked him proper, so I'm starting now.

Brand New

A favorite destination online, now operating under a subscription model. This continual stream of branding updates is paired with deep dives when available and a good amount of wit. Happy subscriber here.

Brand New weblog

A Brief Message

Beautiful site with brief design opinions

Maps For Us

(via bblinks)

Zazaziza – For no good reason

I haven't figured out this site (I'd call it a blog, but isn't everything a blog?) But with titles like "The theory of everything as a Rube Goldberg Machine" I'm coming back for more. (via wm$na)

The dashed line in use

(via coudal)

Zach Klein

Blog about life, technology, creativity and video. (plus awesome pixel flower header)

Beep Beep Boop

I’m Your Biggest Fan! (a blog for being a fan of things, like…)

Dear Fritos Scoops. You are like the cousin to the ice cream cone. (via ze)

Armistead Maupin has a blog

I've just received Michael Tolliver Lives to read, looking forward to it (blog link via joemygod)

Doot Doot Garden Blog

to peruse after work (via draplin)

Motionographer | Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking, vfx and bombastic banter

A weblog for motion designers and filmmakers (via coolhunting)

Send Matt to Napa

He makes delicious

emo+beer = busted career

EMO + INFOGRAPHICS. Music reporting just made a landmark leap. (via magnetbox)

NPR News Blog

Potential new feed or place to visit. NPR is my news source during my commute, I like their world view.

Offsprung: Your life didn’t end when you became a parent.

Mommy, The Wiggles Are Scaring Me (for friends, via merlin)

Urban Outfitters: Blog

different... pretty

the Real Estalker

Celebrity homes 'blog. It's like Cribs without the stupid, or Lifestyles without the Leach. (thx brian)

A to Z

TypePad featured blog that covers categories like : family, doodles, knitting, paper, sewing, textiles and more. With an Etsy shop to boot. Noted as I've a few friend's aside from myself who will enjoy.

The Futurist: WOXY gots a blog

This has been in a photoshop file on my hard drive for years. I'm glad to see it come to light.


blog about design in print (via

The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog

a photo blog about what life a hundred years ago was like: How people looked and what they did for a living (neato! via linkfilter)

CiN Weekly : A few good blogs

Look ma, I'm in the paper!

Clark MacLeod: Creative Direction and Design

Varied work and a (super) lovely site that kept me clickin. And that was before I explored his blogs (yes, plural)

DWR ‘blog

Design Within Reach shares insight and stories