Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All –

I'm essentially finding tons of good reads on Andy Baio's site.

Response to Bustle’s 31 Questions About Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kfan offers thoughtful response to some questions about Kim's video game. I'm not a fan of fame, but I'm trying to find my core of love. Writing like this helps me.

Kardashian videogame screenshot

Title Scream

Type + Graphic inspiration from 8/16bit games

Daring Fireball: Nintendo in Motion

John Gruber captures thoughts on Nintendo, mobile devices and their future in a framework that makes total sense to me.

Pixel Press: Draw Your Own Video Game

Another Kickstarter, but I can afford this one! And it fulfills a life dream: make a videogame. / via Yewknee

Mario and Link team up to fight the forces of evil…

I'm mesmerized by this illustration technique by Billy Allison / via LaughingSquid

Retro Game Crunch

Six Games in Six Months by Shaun Inman & Rusty Moyher with music by Matt Grimm. So kicked in.

Flip’s Escape

I love love loved Shaun Inman's The Last Rocket. This semi-sequel for iOS is going on my "to play" list.

Dust: An Elysian Tail

I'm filing this Xbox Arcade platformer away for winter. It looks beautiful and is created almost entirely by one man: Dean Dodrill. Impressive.

8 Foot Long Wall Mural of ZELDA for the NES Map by Packmania

My finger has been hovering over the buy button for several minutes. I need some big art. This is art. For now, I'm walking away, turning off my computer, and if it's still for sale later this month, maybe. Just maybe.

TouchArcade App

It's really hard to find solid iOS games, and this new app from TouchArcade is a great example where the app is better than the website. All I've ever wanted to do was sort reviews by type and rating. Now it is possible.

The Art of Video Games

Exhibition at the American Art Museum n Washington D.C. I'd really like to visit this! / via MetaFilter

Journey for PS3

From the makers of the very soothing and beautiful Flower comes this new downloadable game. I stopped the video review to simply experience the game billed as "an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s. "

Ironic Sans: Inventor Portrait: Ralph Baer, video game inventor

The Magnavox Odyssey 2 was my real introduction to pixels.

Lift Off: The Last Rocket Development Diary by Shaun Inman

I really enjoyed The Last Rocket, and I also enjoy process and thinking so this is something I will really like.

Andre Torrez on “The Last Rocket”

I'm in agreement with Andre, this is my FAVORITE iPhone game. In fact, it's the only game that lives outside a folder with all the other main apps I use.

The National contributing new song to Portal 2 | Joystiq

Neato. I was looking forward to this game before, now just that much more.

The Art of Video Games

At the Smithsonian no less. I suppose this doesn't bring any more cred to Roger Ebert's belief that videogames can never be art. / via @glennplatt

A simple video game release calendar

Sortable and tidy / by @adammathes

The Video Games of Today Reimagined in 8 and 16 Bits

Friggin awesome / via yewknee

The greatest videogame ever made

I might not say "ever" - but I will put this game in the upper echelon of videogaming history. A great read, spot on if you played through it. (And I'd like to mention I've been playing the latest handheld incarnation of this series in lieu of reading a book before bed each night - it's been solid.) Hat tip to torrez's notes for the Link

Addictive Flash games

compiled by Kottke

Jude Buffum has prints of “Mushroom Recession” available on canvas

This, an excellent piece from the 8 Bit and Beyond collective show fusing art & videogames in Philly. (which I found out through

A really super awesome zombie shirt

Promoting Capcom's Resident Evil series.

isometric pixel poster of videogames

pretty motivating subscription tie-in

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Something to look forward to for Christmas (and Wired needs to get their permalink structure solid-er) Video Games Trade-In

You get Amazon Gift Certificates, but still, this might be much better than the 2 dollars they give you at Game Stop (via Alice, in Wonderland)


An iPhone/iPod touch game to check out this weekend

Re-imagining old videogames in “HD”

I loved it when Nintendo updated (and packaged) all the old Super Mario series together. It'd be neat if they did it all over again (via electro-plankton)

All-Console Avatar Showdown

GamesRadar pits the XBOX360, Wii, and PS3 Home avatars by comparing famous models. (paginated article, via wonderland)

Solid Nintendo Wii Games Under $20

I never got very far in Zack & Wiki, but I attribute that to brain issues. Lots of games I hadn't considered on this relative bargain list.

Bionic Commando Rearmed

The XBOX 360 has some quality titles on the download these days. This one blends nostalgia with a fresh coat of paint much like the also-excellent PacMan Championship Edition. Thumbs up.

Sony’s virtual pet

PS3 + eyetoy cam = potential virtual pet fun... in 2009, which I suppose isn't that far away.

Braid on MetaFilter

They've gathered links for the XBOX Live game that has me wanting to consult a walk-through, yet I preserver and attempt to collect more puzzle pieces.

A History of Home Video Games from Atari to Xbox

(via linkfilter)


iPhone/touch game coming out this summer. Looks LocoRoco/Katamari-ish. (via cpluv)

Indie platformer extravaganza

Metafilter explores independent run-and-jump (my favorite) videogames. To explore in freetime

The Pixies’ Doolittle comes to Rock Band on the week of June 24

I do not know of any emoticon or acronym that can convey my pleasure. (19 bucks is steep tho)

Lost Winds

I haven't bought a Wii Ware game yet, but this one looks promising (and a touch like Little Big Planet for the PS3 which is a potentially good thing)

Starcade was an 80s TV game show

Contestants played videogames, and I'm pretty sure this is where my bud Tom became obsessed with the Sound Burger record player. Must share link with him...

A video of a few WiiWare titles

I know a lady that will be loving the Dr. Mario title. Warning: lame intro, skip to :45 to see the games

New online educational game/learning service from PBS

Too bad these games only work on Windows (via Alice, in Wonderland)

Don’t buy the Xbox 360. It’s noisy and it breaks.

Lots of lessons here. Especially if you've gotten the red ring of death.

Audiosurf: Ride Your Music

If I had my PC handy, I'd install the demo and check out this videogame that uses your music to make racetracks.(via metafilter)

Passage, a tiny game

That sounds like it might be neat to check out. Filing away for later

Alt Text: More ‘Filthy’ Games to Drive Fox News Crazy

You've heard about Geometry Wars, the videogame? Geometry is math. Math leads to science. Science leads to lies. Thus, Geometry Wars directly indoctrinates our children into the evolutionary lie that we're all descended from homosexual monkeys.

Mario and mustaches

One word: motorhead... er, is that two? (via ffffound)

Blown Up

Videogame art vectorized with that VectorMagic web app. Genius in simplicity and output. (via Drawn!)

Steven Poole: Trigger Happy

"The Inner Life of Videogames", is a (FREE) book about the aesthetics of videogames: what they share with other artforms, and the ways in which they are unique. (via we make money, not art)


V. V. well done addictive flash game (via Coudal)

Super Mario Galaxy

The reviews are trickling in... I pre-ordered today. So. Darn. Excited.

Videogames to help you stop stressing out? Well, in research that is.

A video game designed by researchers has been shown to reduce the production of the stress-related hormones.

30 Days of Night “Advergame”

Kinda playable. Good graphics. Mildly fun. (via Computerlove)

Comparing The PlayStation 3 Models

Most helpful diagram (via DaringFireball)

Namco Museum DS has Pac-Man Vs.

The gem that got lost on the GameCube resurfaces with local wireless handheld play.

Playstation 3: complete failure for casual gaming

Sigh. I've been patient on getting something next-gen (not discounting the Wii)... With xbox360 failure rates and views like the aforelinked, I might as well keep waiting.

An animated rundown of the latest console war

Pretty spot on (via Jeremy)