Board Games with Scott – Blue Moon City

If you ever thought reviews of board games lacked creativity, check out Scott's latest video here (quicktime or flashvideo)

Cell Phones Dead

Slow loading QT video by Gondry with Beck (via we-make-money-not-art)

sketching at MIT is funner than normal sketching

Funner is a word if you use it enough. (via if/else)

Scarlett Johansson´s My Hey Hey

on YouTube (via astounded)

Jack Ladder

I especially liked the "Black Hole Blues" (qt) video

zefrank on unity

On that day, I was in pre-op with my mom and an AM radio, waiting to get tumors removed from my lymph nodes. I only heard about the planes going in to the buildings. Afterward, I woke up and my mom asked, "are you ok?" and I said, "Is the world ok?"

The numa guy is back

and overproduced (via growabrain)

Toilet Paper Fasion

Project Runway will get here one day (via ze's TED conference video)

Old Glory Robot Insurance

Robots are strong. Don't cower under your afghan any longer. (1.5 min video via nfotxn)

The Tongmaster

A nice short (4ish minutes) for anyone that appreciates the delicate social structure around the bbq grill (via matthew jackson)


> 20 GOTO 10 (hat tip to greg for this one)

Wii vs. PS3 as Apple parody ad

Perhaps work safe, but of questionable taste. I believe you can circumvent YouTube adult consent by embedding videos.

Edie Sedgwick – The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

The flash video distortion makes this _almost_ unacceptable to watch. 6:47 trippy, pretty minutes. (via Robert)

Flash Video Player

Minimal, clean, nice.

PBS on Google Video

I don't know why one would need to stream anitques roadshow, but there are some PBS Kids options...

Chad Vader

Day Shift Manager

Review Ford F-150, business phenomena

There are more Ford pickups in the world than there are Australians. A witty video review of the previous model. (via dan)

Found Signage on the Electric Company

One of those "I remember that!" moments afforded by all this video rehash on the web. I wonder if this made me love type as a child, or did my love for type make me love this video?

Talking Cats

I dunno about the last one

The Shuttle undocks, a video

Short, but nice resolution and detail (mpg via towlerroad)

“Free Today” Videos on Google

Like I need another video diversion for the year...

David Bowie & Cher (on youtube)

Entertainment Weekly says it bests the SNL chicks doing their Clang Clang Clang went the trolley

Kirk Cameron and Bananas

A (flash)video about the perfectness that is a banana (via rickygonzales)

Zefranks news for March 17, 2006

(requires quicktime) it's like the daily show but shorter


Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, etc. (We'll see if this one works, last one didn't)

Hello Kitty + Transformers + Godzilla

cgi flashvideo, mildly entertaining if you're into hello kitty (via victor)

Microsoft iPod packaging parody

youtube flashvideo via marmot

Why is George Bush so awesome?

Rocketboom (quicktime via robotwisdom)

Clapping music

Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Neato touch screen concept (quicktime - via Make)

Three Legged Legs – “Los Angeles Lets Be Friends”

Quicktime (via Drawn!)


Twenty People with 20 seconds to describe something they like without saying it (flashvideo via intensify)


Odd flash video (via growabrain)

Poop Today?

Here comes german robot?

OKGO Dancing in the backyard

via The 15-Minute Hipster

Roar, a film by Robert Josiah

I love this movie (seriously)

America We Stand As One

Very moving music video (QuickTime)

Subtle – F.K.O

Video (quicktime) by SSSR

Adidas “Hello Tomorrow”

Excellent Spike Jonze commercial (Quicktime)

Pleix films

Wonderful films/videos


A video production house I'd like to explore more at some point. Excellent music video work.

Cup Stacking Video Clips

freak stacking video

Kid stacking cups


by Blur Studios


Grandaddy Nature Anthem

Most excellent music video

Nature Anthem