Humble Pied.

Have I linked to this before? Well, no mind, I should have. And it keeps getting better. Little video interviews with designer-type-folk presented in a straight up and charming fashion.

Colleen’s Bloody Epiphany

"Whatever happiness means to you, go out and go after it." Amen. (video)

Weezer ft. Sara Bareilles – I Want You To (Acoustic)

I quite like this version of the song (youtube video, thks KateTheGreat)

Behind the Scenes: Tim Burton at MoMA

To watch at home later tonight.

Upright bass string, a video

The movement of the string is mesmerizing (via yewknee)

Makoto Yabuki – White Box

I love mid-century modern and all that, but it's new interpretations of graphic design like this that get me super excited. I won't deny there's some frustration because I don't know how to make animations like this, but I can watch, and ooooo, and ahhh.

Dance You Into The Sunlight

Whenever I need to process something big, Jay Smooth seems to have a handle on it. As he does here considering Michael Jackson's life, his passing, and how we need to find love beyond the cameras.

A/V Geeks website dedicated to preservation of obscure PSAs, school films, & stock footage

Filing away for future potential needs and reference (via @geoff_w)

Megan Fox Photo Shoot with Red One Video Camera

Behind the scenes of Esquire's covershoot. You know how some photography looks like stills from movies? Say hello to the future. (via kottke)

The Seed

Diggin this animation. Found while surfin 'round Nizmlab, a site to curate the loads of videos out there into something manageable. (via Fresh Arrival)

Chip Kidd, a short profile (video)

Gary Nadeau directed this and if you browse around his other videos there's lots of good stuff. Be sure to check out the piece on architect David Ling too. This beats TV programming, and I didn't know Chip Kidd was in band.

Honda Insight – Let It Shine on Vimeo

I'll gladly spread marketing this nice.

Felted Mouse Booties with PrettyLittle

Wrapping up the day with this nice profile on Etsy seller Lacey Smith. (via MeFi)

Susan Sontag and Philip Johnson at the Seagram Building by Mies van de Rohe.

A bit of yesterday on Youtube that had a pleasant vibe all around. " a gigelo's hand up a silk stocking." (via Tomorrow Museum)

Can Design Save Newspapers

Catching up on days gone by, I've not had a chance to sit through this TED talk (video). This link is the string around my finger to sit down and watch it sometime when it isn't my lunch break.

Blake needs to talk to Jack about the homepage

This is the best use of auto-tuning. Ever. (video)

Video for all + HD, on Flickr

Some valuable info gathered on the announcement.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

These are awesome (I quite liked Broccoli) - via Coudal

Please Don’t Divorce Us

We have a beautiful thing here. In fact, everyone should be so lucky. (the video on this petition page got the tears flowin' here)

The Noises Rest at You Look Nice Today

Who needs TV when the internet has all these goodies?

Jeffrey Zeldman: Understanding Web Design

A 40 minute video from an AIGA Business and Design Conference. Watching now on this wintry night. (via simplebits)

Dolphin Stampede

(youtube link, via towleroad)

John Hamm (from Mad Men) sits between two ferns

with Zach Galifianakis (Episode 3)

The Turn

Music by Fredo Viola, website by Aer studio with Guille Lopez. (via MeFi)

Fredo Viola, The Sad Song

Fredo's site has grown lots after his first EP was released. New album on iTunes this week.


The um's and the noises we make in-between words. Fun videos and I quite adore the intro type and shoutout to boot (via waxy)

I agree with Ze: “Extremely cute kid makes a pastiche”

Foreign language should be taught by children to adults.

Top 10 Kristen Wiig moments on SNL

I'd never seen the Bjork one, up until then I was all about Suze Orman (via the sandwich)


a body of work by fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, comprising eight film shorts and a selection of photographs. (be sure to watch some of the video, it's beautiful. - via computerlove)

Youtube, now in Super HD!

Click the play link above (via Michael Surtees)

Tilt-shift video: “Beached” by Keith Loutit

Nice effect. I'll take this treatment any day over HDR (via yewknee)


Sometimes you want an extra star to rate a YouTube video. This is one of those videos, a piece of Art by Omer Fast. (via mefi)

BigDog Beta

If you're familiar with the BigDog quadruped robot, you might find the video of early tests interesting (via crplnx)

Glimpse into the mind of John Solimine (and for that matter, Spike Press)

A behind-the-screenprinting video for this year's Field Tested Books Poster. Click around after the movie, there's lots of books and perspectives.

Visualizing the commit history of the Python scripting language project.

Created by Michael Ogawa with Processing. Be sure to check out the videos. (via Cal H)

Uncle Croc’s Block

A rare video featuring the opening theme to the extremely short-lived, extremely GAY Saturday morning kids show starring Charles Nelson Reilly and Jonathan "Dr. Smith" Harris (as Basil Bitterbottom!)

Harvesting creatives (Behind the scenes tour of of an award-winning creative farm)

"Being creative people it's important they get a lot of praise. You know, massage their ego..." (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

National Geographic interviews Nigel Tufnel to get his thoeries of Stonehenge

You know Nigel, he's the lead guitarist of Spinal Tap (via craplinks)

The Day There Was No News

I can watch this over and over

Word Time + Flickr video = awesome

because, drawer, radiator, garage, aluminum, Subaru, New Zealand, herb, oregano, fruit

Interview (video) with the founders of Threadless

Always nice to hear the hows and whys a company came to be.

Science Machine by Chad Pugh

A 40 hour drawing compressed to 18 minutes of behind-the-scenes illustration goodness. Also available as a print. Beautiful stuff. (thx Zachary)

heather powazek champ, 10 seconds

Revisiting an old link. Also, the first time I considered photos to have the potential to be long.

What is video on Flickr?

A long photo. Personal. Simple...

Kate Bingaman-Burt and Mike Perry on video

Captured by Ethan Bodnar. Very cool to see these two design folk talk and wave their arms and talk about stuff. Big fan of both.


It's a clock, but an awesome one at that. Oldie but a goodie. (via vexervance)

Miranda July explains how to make a button

in a way that only she can (via garrisonreid)

Spherical Video

VR like scenes with motion. Neato.

Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Revisted

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the seminal Trinity Session CD, the Cowboy Junkies with special guests convened at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto in November 2006 for a one-off performance. (wow. wants. via metafilter)

Apocalypse Pony

Punishment from above! (youtub'd robot chicken, thx bullneck)


on Conan. Good. (thks brodie)


Exceptionally well done site with old school animated educational film vibe. (via computerlove)


This is right up there with tumbling, not pumping (via simplebits)

Drum Buddy Demo

The Drum Buddy is a 4 oscillator, light activated, mechanically rotating drum machine and the invention of renowned New Orleans musician, Quintron. One of only 10 produced, (prepare to drool over this youtube video of this rare instrument)

Soft City Lights

New (to me) site with the goal of creating short films profiling Cincinnati based artists, happenings and whatnot.

Soft City Lights makes a video in the WOXY lounge

Cool. The band is Jukebox the Ghost

Zany terms for sex acts blended itno a visually pleasing public service announcement.

Apparently banned from US tv boxes, likely because of mild nudity. Well done.