Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody

July 1st, 2017 - I watched the whole thing. / via Coudal


Spiffy, we were. / via Kottke


New music video by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Directed by Henning M. Lederer

May I Have This Dance – Francis and the Lights feat. Chance the Rapper

Lovely song and simple music video / via Zan

Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharell Williams

mesmerizing split screen music video directed by Alex Courtès

Hey Fuzzy Yellow!

This is just fun / via Swiss-Miss

How Postage Stamps Are Made

A mini-documentary from Ironic Sans

If Congress Was Your Coworker

Sad. Funny, but ultimately sad

Video of the most unsatisfying things in the world

Pretty, and sure, frustrating. But more pretty

1000W LED on a drone

this is beautiful

Sandwich Video: The Reel

I ever I had the chance to buy a video, I'd want one by Sandwich

Mom and Dad, I Have Something to Tell You

This borders on genius.

KENZO Perfume Commercial

Spike Jonze makes good things

Adam Driver on Arts and the Military

What an articulate and passionate man, this Adam Driver. Great TED talk and demonstration of his non-for-profit. / via Coudal

International Women’s Day 2016

Digging Google's video to celebrate the day

The making of Ok Go’s “Upside Down & Inside Out”

Talking with director Trish Sie to get the low down on how the video came together

Video for The Chemical Brothers “Wide Open” (feat. Beck)

So very, very good. / via Dicky

Sonni Stardust

Audible aww / via Coudal

The 55th Valentine

I tip my had to Sweethearts candy for this lovely short video / via Thor


Download media from your cameras (including video) and edit with your smartphone. Now in pre-order ($249)

Movi, the Live Event Camera

I didn't think I wanted this until I saw the video.

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Seriously good. / via Wendy

You Don’t Get Forever

I was very lucky to be in the audience for Amit Gupta's talk at XOXO. I'll (probably) never forget what I said to my neighbor at the end.

Robert Beatty

Really, really, awesome insight into the guy that has made my favorite album cover of late (Tame Impala)

The Same Song in 15 Places


Shake It Little Tina

This. Friday. Spring. Dancing. Yes.

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time (Extended Cut)

I laughed hard a few times. Best to keep the audio away from he children on this one.

FKA twigs on the Tonight Show

Some silk, some fans, some lights. You've got a striking performance backdrop.

Mayokero by Roy Kafri

On the tip of making new art from old album covers...

Give it Up

Composer ‘Kutiman’ Creates Entirely New Song Using 23 Videos of Other Musicians, plus an awesome cover of 99 Red Balloons

First-person Hyperlapse Videos

Microsoft research to transform time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera. Super cool.

hyperlapse technology comparison

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall

Superfun music video / via Coudal


Many have linked to this promo for The Sunday Times. Because it is excellent. (Be sure to check out the behind the scenes.) Made by

If only for a second

3:44 minute video that packs an emotional punch. I loved it muchly. (Great, now I feel like some Buzzfeed or Upworthy messenger.)

Tim Minchin · Occasional Address

There are oodles of videos packed with opinions about how to live life. It's exhausting. This one is quite brilliant I think. And I must say, I'm trying out the whole "exercising" thing and really digging it.

An animated short about the science of baking cookies?

I was a bit skeptical and then got totally engaged. Super good.

I Am Your Grandma

Yes, this video is totally weird. And I love it. / hat tip to my neighbor Dan


Whoa. Super insanely good projection mapping on moving planes.


by Noah Kalina

The Great Discontent: Two Minutes with TGD

Man they put us on the spot, but what a lovely film came of it. First of a few parts.

Unlocking The Truth

This video provides a glimpse of hope for the future

Apple’s new promo boasts some really nice touches

Though I'm tiring of "word videos", this had moments of loveliness.

DIY Office Video Studio

Nice tips here on transforming a conference room into a great space for video / via The Deck

The Dream Of Life – Alan Watts

I've watched this three times in a row so far. / thanks to my friend Brent

Add Amazing Looks to Your Videos on Vimeo

Also known as "Filters"

You’re trying your shoes wrong.

I was indeed. (Short video)

This kid can dance

Like few others

Colour and Space by Jotun Türkiye

(Video) infographic is a result of colour statistics extracted from Pinterest / via @kylesteed

Moonwalk (video)

Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises. This. Seems. Unreal. / via Coudal

Freaky realistic optical illusions

Brain melting indeed.

Dumb Ways to Die

If all public service messages were this good, we'd be better off most likely. /via Coudal & BB-Links

Metronomy “Hypnose” video by Daniel Brereton (Dan has Potential)

It's rare when a music video keeps me glued to the screen. Excellent interview with the director here as well. Also now a fan of the band. Sometimes these things work as intended.

Made by Hand peeks into The Cigar Shop

Another beautiful film from these fine folks. / via many

Using a plastic bottle to separate eggs

Hyponotic indeed, and useful!

Moby Song

This guide to properly identifying Moby gave me a chuckle.