A wooden guitar amp with Kumiko grill

Kumiko Amp Cabinet

Gorgeous results from this young man in Oregon. Great woodworking and video production all around. / Fun link from Tom


A screenshot of a video showing a couple on a beach from overhead

Powers of Ten, Updated

Professor Brian Cox and the BBC revisit the 1977 film by Charles and Ray Eames. Loved the original and dig the updates here.


Compressed black and white still from a comedy sketch with three women as sorority sisters

Things about Michael Nesmith I didn’t know

My friend Dave shared a few bits that will turn into a rabbit holes to explore. For many years I watched this clip of 'Sorority Girls From Hell' and never knew where it came from. Now I do.


Autumn leaves along a river

Peak Fall Foliage in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest

10 minutes of lovely autumn colors / via Twisted Sifter


Eggs floating from a planet to the clouds

A Dozen Eggs

I'm generally happy to see anything Michel Gondry puts out there. This is a fine example, mostly because it was all shot with a mobile phone.


A profile of a man and a timeline of movie stills

Hans Zimmer career timeline

Dig this series from Vanity Fair where creative folks describe highlights (and low points) of their career. This one from Hans Zimmer makes me appreciate his soundtracks even more.


A tailor cuts fabric for a bespoke suit

How to Make a Bespoke Savile Row Suit

I'm trying to train the algorithms to stop showing me dash cam footage and fail videos. More of this please.


Four folks walk in fields of wheat

Burberry Open Spaces

Call it a commercial or a really short film, this has a vibe that tickles the soul.


A screenshot of a video editing application with video of a hand flipping through the pages of a book filled with photographs taken in Japan

Kissa by Kissa, behind the scenes

Craig Mod reveals the process to produce his photography book that documented one of his walks across Japan.


A black and white photo of Steve Jobs at a prototype computer

Everything around you

Apple tips their hat to Steve Jobs 10 years after his passing. A moving short video.


A woman and man sit on a park bench in the background while thie doppleganger marionettes sit in front

Ricky and Doris

David Friedman shares a story about a short film he made about a little old lady with the marionette of herself, and how it all came to be. Sweet characters, captured wondefully.


A woman walks along a creekbed looking for fossils

Fossil Hunting with Zan McQuade

I'm with Zan and grew up grazing around creekbeds for fossils (and arrowheads if we were really lucky.) This video captures that joy through an adult lens of continued learning.


A catch watches colorful dominos fall over

Cats and Domino

Recommended viewing to lift the spirit.


A man and woman dance alongside a field in China

Dancing to improve health

I first caught Peng Xiaoying and Fan Deduo while I had TikTok installed and their movements made me happy. I'm glad I followed the comments to seek out more of their story.


Two men work the earth in architectural ways

A Dream Water Park

Made by two men (and one cameraman) in 278 days. A mesmerizing 18 minutes. / via Yewknee


Burlap print with the words "THE GAP" on a line

The Gap by Ira Glass

I've heard this audio a handful of times and seen it visualized perhaps more than once. But it never fails to remind me of the work. / via @misterbisson


A woman juggles 5 different colored balls, filmed from above

Juggling from above

Taylor Glenn shifts the perspective of the skill / via MetaFilter


Poster for movie about couples in love

My Love: Six Stories of True Love

My friend Erik said this 6 part series was worth the watch. Quiet and lovely. Adding to the queue.


silver ink circuit pen connecting scale models of street lights

光を灯す/ future with bright lights

Japanese agency Dentsu created this video for an infrastructure company called Kandenko. Now I'm researching "silver ink circuit pen"


A circle pushing lines together

App Tracking Transparency

Even Apple's explainer videos are nice.


Stanley Tucci in a tank top in the 80s

80’s Levis ad with Stanley Tucci

Before he made cocktails on the internet, Stanley wore a tank top and showed off his guns.


Black Art

Black Art: In The Absence of Light

Excellent HBO Documentary explores two centuries of art by African-Americans, and the path they forged for contemporary Black artists. / via Brian Hill


Paul Simon on Dick Cavett

Bridge Over Troubled Water

"Everywhere I went led me where I didn’t want to be, so I was stuck." How Paul Simon wrote 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' / via Creative Mornings


Geometric shapes in pretty colors

What is Figma

I'm just going to send folks to this intro video by Tori Hinn and Enle Li when trying to extoll the awesomeness of this collaborative design application


A drawing of two folks at a piano, one hugging the other

Love is a verb

It's not a permanent state of enthusiasm, it's an actual practice


Speed skiing and parachuting

Speedriding Through An Alpine Resort

Valentin Delluc and Red Bull make something that's like, whoa. / via MetaFilter


Green screen scene of soccer players

Ted Lasso VFX Breakdowns

Always bends the mind seeing how these things come together. Great work by Barnstorm VFX. / via @mathowie


People on stairs choreographed for a music video

Noga Erez “VIEWS”

Featuring Reo Cragun & ROUSSO. Currently watching this video from the beginning to the end whenever I need a transition.


Cold Hog Dog Pie

WARNING: This 50 second Youtube video is gross and hilarious. I blame my friend Tom for sharing it with me.


A title card for a movie with a man wiping sweat from his brow with a t-shirt

You and the Thing That You Love

A film by Nicholas Maher. A worthwhile 10 minutes.