ID. Buzz from Volkswagen

I'll truly believe it when I see one on the road, but the vehicle of my dreams as a youth is almost to these shores. I'm glad to read the third row can be removed entirely. It’s still a year away from US dealerships. (2024)

ID. Buzz US edition

Buttons are better than screens, in vehicles

I am a broken record, but every time I see this link pop up across my surfing I'm like, heck yes buttons are better.

2005 Volvo car interior with lots of physical buttons

The Price is Right Cars

Instagram account with classic cars featured on The Price is Right from the 70’s and 80’s. / via Autoblog

A grid of old cars on an Instagram account

Hyundai N Vision 74

I don't think about sports cars too much because I generally couldn't fit in them if I tried, but dang Hyundai's design team is on fire.

A futuristic sports car concept

Touch screens in cars are not good

This entire article can be summed up by the title. Don't get me wrong, as soon as fully autonomous vehicles are a real thing? Screens everywhere!

An illustration of a figure trapped inside a screen

Toyota Tacozilla

Sadly, this camper truck concept is not real. But I can dream.

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

Teeny Tiny Firetruck

I kind of want to make a special trip to San Francisco to see this Daihatsu kei fire truck IRL.

A tiny firetruck

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

"Learn new perspective in graphic design from David-effing-Carson for fifteen dollars? Uh, yes please." Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank)

David Carson teaches design (Masterclass still)

The Canoo Pickup Truck

This looks more interesting than the VW Microbus that is never coming out and the Ford Bronco

A futuristic electric pickup truck

Norway’s Electric Car Triumph Started With an ’80s Pop Star

Over half of all cars sold in Norway in 2020 were fully electric, here's partly why they became so popular...

Has seen anybody seen the new Jeep truck?

Warning, this is a loud TikTok, but it shows the genius of the platform through multiple duets.

Tesla Cybertruck – Fold Up Toys

paper craft project. (free)

Photographer removes cars, people to highlight New York buildings

I vacillate between wanting the scale and life of people and cars to wanting this very thing. Dig it.

Rivian R1T

A gorgeous electric pickup truck

A list of new cars that offer manual transmissions

More than I thought.

Chevy Truck Legends: 100 Year History

I'm going to go with 1967 / via Kathryn

Death of the American Trucker

Interesting read about jobs that will fall to automation, and the incremental steps in between.

How air moves due to a passing semi truck

A brief video / via Kottke


A fine Tumblr of vehicles that didn't go into production / via Richard McAllister

Alejandro Cartagena’s Car Poolers

Fascinating photographs of commuters in the backs of trucks. / via It's Nice That

The Type Truck, real movable type

This mobile letterpress studio is traveling across the country and the whole notion is dreamy. (Coming to Oxford Ohio and likely your neck of the woods).

Renault – CAPTUR concept car

I'm loving the expanse of greenhouses on cars and panoramic sunroofs that we're seeing in production today. This futuristic concept, albeit bubbly, has some nice surprises. Check out the turn-signals at about 00:40 (video)

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Come spring, I hope to grab a treat from here. / via wonderland

Truckers Pick Up Quilting and Knitting

Aside from the economic angle of this article, the rest is awesome I think. /via studiomate Wendy

Trucker’s Delight

This 8-bit video, though tawdry at points, is most excellent (via waxy)

Clean me

If the lettering on dirty trucks was always this nice, I'd say don't wash 'em.

The Johnson County Library has adorned their courier trucks with fictional company logos from literary classics

The Barkley Advertising Agency did the good deed for the Overland Park library system. (via printeresting)

VW Twin Drive Is German for Volt

I want to be very excited about these cars that run for so many miles strictly on electric before switching over to gas.

26 Alphabet Trucks

Wow. That's dedicated. (via swiss-miss)

Check out the pedals in the Twingo RS

Pretty cute. (via Brian, lover of tiny cars)

Back of truck

I managed to miss that Joe Clark was collecting his photos of truck backs. Because "front of truck is démodé"

Automobile monogamy

Beautiful concept and execution. Owners that stick with their cars (via claytoncubitt from kitsunenoir)

A Photo Editor points out the Oscars Photo Essay

A tiny slice of welcome perspective to the wonderful portraits of actors in the recent NY Times Magazine. I saw this in meatspace over brunch and was thrilled by the shots, locations, and ultimate captures. View the slideshow online.

Watch for cars when wearing headphones

New South Wales print advert (via Brodie)

Cars: VW’s Touchscreen UI Looking Mighty Apple-y

I wish the menu was more straight-up iphone-like. (thx zachary)


Graphic goodness galore. Iron-on shirt transfers, a trucking game, and I haven't found it all. Wish my screen was bigger to soak in all the fun (via jacked)

The World’s Ugliest Cars

I totally disagree with all of these, except for the Aztek (via designObserver)

david michael clarke : cars

21 minutes of audio via vvork

Muscle Cars: a sketch book

(via Drawn!)

Toy : City inside a firetruck

Man, This is cool, and a bargain at 35 bucks. (via mightygoods)

Space Invaders car safety advert

I love not only the graphics of this clip on youtube, but I'm a strong proponent of keeping a safe distance between cars on the road (via vintageads)

Eeek. The 2008 Ford Super Duty® Truck looks like it comes straight out of National Lampoons Vacation

Skip intro on this heavy flash site. And I said I missed "boxy"... Harumph.


(via feaverish)

The new heavy-duty Ford truck…

takes styling cues from the wagon in National Lampoon's Vacation Six cars to watch for 2006

I actually like the new Camry.

Challenger and Imperial concept cars

Chrysler continues to create bold shapes recalling the past

Hank’s Truck Pictures

10-4 good buddy (via Coudal)

Trucker boobs