OH no Type Co Reels

James Edmondson makes learning about typography superdooper fun. I've been learning lots about type history and usage from his reels. (Ugh. Instagram. But still!)


What about the Friz?


Indian Type Foundry’s growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use.


Screengrab of Fontshare website featuring font pairings

A deep dive into the RIDGE wine label

I've always loved these labels, with their understated design and use of Optima. Nice to learn the backstory and understand the system in place.


Ridge wine label design system

Linotype & Machinery

Doug Wilson toured the British Linotype factory to see what remains. He brought together history and oodles of photos in his post.


brick building with the words Linotype and Machinery AD 1897 painted on the facade

The Future Belongs To What Was As Much As What Is

Colorful typo/graphic gatehouse installation by Morag Myerscough and poet Ellen Moran in northern England


Colorfully designed gateway filled with type, graphics and messages of belonging

The expanded San Francisco font family

The base type for Apple OS gets more expressive style widths with a great overview of how and why to use each. / via Merlin who says "This man has amazing hair"


Variations of the letter a in width and weight


A variable font built around an axis of photographic exposure / thanks K!


Screen grab showing the variable nature of a font called Exposure that opens or closes like an aperture

Aaron Draplin Wake & Make Challenge

Closed out a day of computers & zooms & needed to do something & didn't want to think about it. This 5 minute type drawing exercise from Draplin hit the spot. (The thing I made isn't very good.)


handwritten words that spell out "Wake & Make, May 25, 2022 Good Type"

2022 Brand New Conference

Mesmerized by the dynamic type. The introduction of variables to typography is opening up some many wonderful doors. But this? This is a Whole. 'Nother. Level. More details about the identity.


expressive parts of letters set in red on a bright teal background

The Star Wars

Diggin that hand drawn Lucasfilm logo


The cover of a script with the words "THE STAR WARS" drawn in a fanciful way.

Bjørn Karmann’s Occlusion Grotesque

Typeface carved into the bark of a tree. As the tree grows, it deforms the letters and outputs new design variations, that are captured annually. / via Yewknee


A man sits on a chair in the woods and carves an alphabet into a tree trunk

Milwaukee Transit Passes

The Letterform Archive holds about 300 tickets in their collection thanks in part to a donation from type designer Tobias Frere-Jones... and they’re gorgeous.


A beautiful collection of Milwaukee Transit Passes

Believe blanket

Stunning type design by Valentina Casali / via Jessica Hische


A black and white blanket with ornate type that reads BELIEVE


New type design practice and foundry from Erik Marinovich. Just cruise around the specimens pages to get a solid dose of vibrant type goodness.


A graphic design layout showcasing fonts by NuForm

Bauhaus Typography at 100

Lots of safety protocols in place at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco for this exhibit that runs through April 27, 2022. File under: Wish I was closer!


A museum with typography from Bauhaus on display

The Year in Type

I Love Typography looks back at some of the highlights of 2021, including typefaces, profiles, inspiration and then some. / via Sidebar


Three race cars are illustrated to show off custom typefaces

Porsche posters (1961–1969)

These posters catch a vibe. Baby, are you coming for the ride? (The ride, the ride, the ride)


a 1963 Porsche GT poster featuring a black and white image of a car and type

Fonts Knowledge

Elliott Jay Stocks on helping build a library of materials and guides to help folks understand, explore and choose type with purpose. A great resources from the Google Fonts Team.


Various typographic symbols

Cartridge font

Inspired by old video game labels, Cartridge is a new display sans-serif that evokes quintessential 80s vibes - by Dan Cederholm


Colorful type showcasing a retro font called Cartridge

Whirley Birdie

A whimsical variable display typeface by Alex Tomlinson. Has a companion set of dingbats that use variable tech to animate.


Whimsical type spelling out Whirly Birdie

On Type with Erik Spiekermann

Part of Adobe's Creativity Explained series (wonderfully) animated by Oddfellows in Portland. / via Sean Sharp

An abstract illustration of type

Ink traps explained

Extremely well deep dive into ink traps and all the variations. Get to the bottom for the kicker of the Imperial Trap. / via Under Consideration


Musashino Art University poster

Type exploration w/ orange peels

I always enjoy Manfred Westreicher's explorations with type


Type made of orange peels

So who drew that Fender logo…

OH no Type Co gets to the bottom of it 3 years after asking...


Fender logo

I Miss My Bar

Adjust the ambiance and pour yourself something fizzy. A lovely site by Lagom + Tandem that might be offline because it's getting hammered. Pardon the pun.


A screenshot of a beige website

San Francisco Symphony rebrand

By Collins. Agreeing with other folks that think this is lovely.


“YOU&ME&ME&YOU” mural by Anthony Burrill

So simple, so good.


You&Me&You&Me Mural

Wakamai Fondue

The tool that answers the question “what can my font do?” This is an excellent tool / via @realdougwilson


this book you are holding…

is an unkempt garden. Saw this posted on Fonts in Use and thought I'd share it with my friend DJ and also here. Been thinking about print a bit more of late.


JetBrains Mono: A free and open source typeface for developers

Another good find from Greg Storey


1972 U.S. election, CBS News

Akihiko Seki's graphics are sublime


Instant Lettering Database

A trove / via MetaFilter



A wonderful selection of fonts / via Ugmonk


Simon Walker’s Pizza Hut Font

Tasty type


Type Scale – A Visual Calculator

Building upon the notions of the aforelinked piece


The typographic scale

I've been at it for how many years and this basic concept never stuck until now.


Typographic scale

The Typecraft Initative

"Working with Indian craftswomen to create beautifully designed typefaces, while also inspiring them to learn design skills via training workshops" / via UC


Jessica Hische | You Are Enough Mirror

This is lovely. All of it. The story. The artifact. The type.


A mirror with the words You Are Enough with the reflection of a woman


A few uppercase words, centred or ranged at the top-left corner of a page, set in the regular weight of any grotesque font. / via Jason Santa Maria


Buro Destruct

Bookmarking this Flickr stream for when I need some typographic inspiration


various colorful record covers from the 60's and 70's

watching words move 1959 – Robert Brownjohn

As DJ shared "fun with type"


Decostruzione LXVIII – Neon

Digging this font in use


The awesome Mac OS Catalina fonts you didn’t know you had access to

This ALMOST makes me want to upgrade to Catalina. But I won't. / via Craig Mod


Online Archive at Letterform Archive

It goes on and on and on! / via Austin Kleon


Jessica Hische’s Classes on Skillshare

A friend is looking for classes for his daughter. After her hand-lettered Thanksgiving place cards, I recommended Jessica's book. And now? Her Skillshare classes.



A lovely typeface (with some great ligatures to boot). / via Ugmonk


Braille Institute – Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

Focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability / via ignatz


The First Printed Manicules

This pointed-finger symbol goes by many names: mutton fist, printer’s fist, bishop’s fist, pointer, hand director, indicule, or most unimaginatively as ‘a hand’. / via airbagindustries


House Industries relaunches Montage typeface digitally

A beauty of course. And now I know how to pronounce Ed Benguiat. (ben-gat)


Mary Kate McDevitt

Lettering and Illustration (and some lovely items in her shop to boot)


Enjoy Mary Kate

Marvin Visions

Now in variable weights! / via DJ


Weekday matchbooks

by the Ohio Match Company


Variable Fonts | DSType Foundry

From san to serif? Mind Blown / via Trent Walton


Jacob K. Javits U.S. Senatorial campaigns

Now there's some fonts in use


Fontjoy – Generate font pairings in one click

Fun little tool, though I wish I could influence the options a bit more on the frontside of things


25 Typographers

Steven Heller picks his favorite from the 20th Century / PDF via Coudal


Darren Booth, Always experimenting

Augmented typography


36 Days of Type — An Animated Collaboration

Lovely stuff. / via Thor (who saw it on Colossal)


New York City Tree Alphabet by Katie Holten

These are really nice silhouettes of trees.


Room 205

Simon Walker's latest typeface